Stone Soup for Five: {sermon notes} Praying the Aaronic Blessing

{sermon notes} Praying the Aaronic Blessing

Last Sunday we had a guest pastor at our church for our annual prayer week kick off.  We focus on prayer at the beginning of each new year and this sermon covered the prayer God told Moses and the priests to pray over Israel.  Throughout the sermon the pastor gave lots of specific examples as to how we might pray this over the people we love.  Good, good stuff!

He mentioned that there is a song called The Blessing and in 2020 people from around the world sang and recorded.  If you go to YouTube and type in "The Blessing" and pretty much any country around the world, you'll find one.  Here are direct links to some of my favorites.  It's like a small taste of heaven right here on earth.  Oh, and here's a link to the sermon:

The Blessing:


  1. This has been such a blessing to me Kari! Thank you so much!

  2. Just finished watching the sermon and taking notes in NC as well - you're right, good good stuff! Thanks for sharing!


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