Stone Soup for Five: RESOURCES


For your basic binder set up, here are some good options:

choose a binder you love:

decide on your style of tabbed dividers (or make your own)
get some paper

have some fun
my favorite pens and markers

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  1. I was hoping to buy an open stock Tombow pen for shading, as per your demo on the bowling pin people video. You said the one you used most often was your light gray. Is that the actual name of the colour? Would you mind telling us the actual number of the pen? Thanks, Kari! I've been loving your blog, your videos and your free Ephesians study!!

    1. Well, the writing on the side of the marker has all worn off, so I can't even give you anything specific. SORRY! My advice would be to buy as many on the gray scale as you can afford and have fun with them!! Not much help, but I love tombow!!

    2. I think I found the one, Kari. It is Cool Gray 1, colour N95. It works beautifully. And, incidentally, I found it fairly soon after I commented to you the first time (so only a few weeks ago) and my number is half-worn off already, too. :)

  2. Love the walk through the binder with Dawn. I know she has the half page or A5 page binder, but do you know the ring size, because she had a lot of pages in her binder. Also thanks for the time break down, because each section of prayer can get very timely.


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