Stone Soup for Five: {Bullet Journal} my 2021 setup

{Bullet Journal} my 2021 setup

 Well, here it is!  My 2021 Bullet Journal.  

It's a dot grid Leuchtturm1917.  The color is Bellini.  It's a really pretty soft reddish peach that didn't really come through well in the picture.  

The stickers on the cover were a Christmas gift from my friend from Sanctified Supply Co.

It's pretty basic and not very pretty yet.  But as time goes on I might add some color and doodles.  If I waited till I did that, I'd never get this post up, so think of this as a minimalist bullet journal set up.  This is my introduction page.  The front of the Leuchtturm journals have an index so this is the first dotted page after the index.

This is the forward planning calendar I'm going to try this year.  It's pretty simple and streamlined and was much quicker to make than a grid for each month.

And I haven't finished with all my goals, but again, if I waited till I did, I'd never get this post up. So here's most of them.

I'm going to transfer some of the goals over to the first quarter task list.  I'm hoping this helps me break them down a little better so I can accomplish them.  Each new month will have washi tape along the edge, I like that I can easily flip back to the month with tape folded over the edge.

The sticky note is a book reading tip I'm trying from the Modern Mrs. Darcy.  Hopefully it'll help keep me on track with reading and not be overwhelmed or feel guilty about books I have yet to read.

The next two pages are ones that I refer to a lot, so I put them right next to the washi tape page.  My monthly menu and my habit tracker.  I have seen some cool ways to mark the habit tracker (like I tried above) which looks cool in the end, but if I'm trying to go along the line to see how I did that month, I can't really tell, so I'm going back to x's or checkmarks for the rest of the month.

Then I'm breaking down my tasks (hopefully) a bit more and listing just the ones for January.

The taped in page is a reading challenge I'm trying to do (I definitely won't read all of those books but maybe I'll read more than scroll on my phone!)  It's from Daughters of Promise and it should be fun.

Then the other page is my spending log for January.  That's DayGlo at the bottom.  He's kind of an angry accountant.

And I'm back to a two page grid for memories.  I love this best because a blank page is a little overwhelming and messy for me, but this way I can write or doodle or both  (or even miss a day or two).  Sometimes I go back and fill in the missed days with a verse or a doodle, or not.

I've really grown to love reflecting on the end of the day on what I'm thankful for (I try to log three) and what I would do differently if I could do the day over again.  The WWIDD page is really nice to review and see where I'm stuck.  Right now it's too much "doom scrolling" online to see what next horrible thing has happened in our country.  Ugh.  NO MORE DOOM SCROLLING before Bible!

I find I need a notes page for random things that pop up or a place to park sticky notes.

Then I start my weekly plan and daily spreads.  This seems to be working well for me now.  (Pylon has also set some goals for the new year.  I'm not sure he can accomplish all of them, but it's a good start anyway.  Grog the neurotic seagull built a nest on my numbers that I use to block out time on busy days.  He's lucky I didn't need them that day.)

And the rest of my daily spread for the first week of 2021.  I also watched a great video by one of my favorite Bible teachers, Paul Washer, where he gave a tour of his library and I took notes!  I always like to have a list of commentaries and theology books that I can trust.

So that's it for my simple bullet journal.  Not super exciting, but hopefully it'll give you some inspiration or ideas if you have one.  If you do, I'd love to hear below what pages you have in yours!  That's one of the things I love about bullet journals is you can change things up so simply!


  1. Love the simplicity with depth...thank you for sharing...

  2. love your doodles! Got me inspired to get my long over due blog post up

  3. Thank you for sharing with us. No matter how your pages look, you show us how it works in real life. That is what helps the most.

  4. Thank you for sharing your process. I was just praying for God to give me more direction about how to be better at routines and tracking priorities. Your timing is impeccable.


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