Stone Soup for Five: {Bible} 2021 Bible reading ideas

{Bible} 2021 Bible reading ideas

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  1. I'm following along with Bible Time with Mark and Cori of the First Love Club, so I'll be going through the Bible with them ~ looking at my Bible while they read, if I'm at home,otherwise just listening. Then I am also doing your John Bible Study. Each week chapter takes me days or weeks, depending on the length of the chapter. So John will takes months. Then I am doing Krystal Whitten's Lettering for the Lord study of John. It is a 31 day study that stays pretty high level. After John I will be in Deuteronomy, then Acts, Joshua, Romans, etc. I almost always take more than one day per chapter, so it's impossible to say how long I will be in each book. I like that I am getting both the whole bible and more indepth books of the bible in the same year.

  2. I am doing a 3-year reading plan (I am using a printable PDF from True Life Church) so I can do deeper dives of each chapter. This plan gives a NT chapter every 3rd day, and occasionally a block of Psalms and Proverbs. I am also coming up with one word for each day to remind me of the application from the day's reading, and repeating it throughout the day. I'm amazed at how this simple act is making me more open to God's leading each day, and is helping me apply what I've read instead of forgetting it as soon as my quiet time is over.

  3. Hey Kari! I’ve been a long time subscriber of yours and I had a question about your new books. I was wondering if you recommend starting g at book #1 and goi g through them chronologically or is it ok to jump around? Thanks!


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