Stone Soup for Five: Another great way to use your prayer binder!

Another great way to use your prayer binder!

I love discovering new ways to use my prayer binder.  A few weeks ago a friend gave me a printout of 30 days of praying the names and attributes of God.  I read through it and then went on to pray through my prayer binder, holding that name or attribute of God in my mind as I prayed through each section.  It was kind of accidental but I realized it was a beautiful way to pray through the sections I have in my binder in a new and different way.

If you've made a prayer binder (if you haven't start right here), I encourage you to try it, especially if you are going through a dry season of prayer.  It can be as short or as long as you have time for.

For example, this morning I focused on "God is Love" through each section.  Briefly, this is what that looked like:

I praise you, Lord that you are love.  Not merely loving, but fully and completely love.  I can't even wrap my brain around that Lord.  Love isn't merely an attribute of who You are, but it IS who You are and all other attributes flow from that.

I don't usually rest in Your love Lord.  I beat myself up for my failures, often believe lies about Your love (or lack of it when I sin).

Forgive me Lord for the times when I believe lies rather than the truth that You already love me fully and cannot possibly love me more.

Help me to understand Your love more.  Open my eyes to how You love me and to how You are working in my life.

Help these others that I am praying for see and know Your perfect love, Lord.  May it be unmistakable and unavoidable in their lives.

Bring these prodigals to their knees by Your great love for them Lord.  Open their eyes to see the truth of Your unending and boundless love for them.  May they see the truth of who You are, a loving Father who comes running to kiss them.

Then I went on to pray through each of my family member's sections specifically for God's love to be unmistakable in each of their lives.

Short on time?
Pray just one sentence for each section

Longer time?
Pray through each section and expound and meditate on it longer.  The examples I gave above were the start of how I prayed through each section because I actually had more time than usual this morning.  I also added on other thoughts in some sections not related to love.

Want even more information on my prayer binder?  Click below.


  1. I especially love your posts about prayer and the prayer binder. It's an area in which I always seek to improve and gain new ideas. Thank you for sharing this.

  2. This tool is already in my prayer binder. What a great idea for how to use it! Thanks.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this, I am going to try it with my prayer binder starting this week!

  4. What a great idea! I am going to try incorporating this into my prayer time, too.

    By the way, I just wanted to say thank you so much for all of your posts on prayer and prayer binders. I put mine together several months ago and have been using it regularly since. It is living and changing and beautiful and I love what it has become. Thank you so much for the inspiration you provided to help me reach this point!

  5. Are you going to be uploading any more doodle pages on the subscriber bonus page? I am working through your doodle books and really enjoy them. I've looked forward to the monthly pages but can only find Daniel from January. Thank you and God Bless!


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