Stone Soup for Five: All things Prayer Binder!

All things Prayer Binder!

I'm wrapping up my 2018 Prayer Binder series here with all the resources, videos, and links!


My prayer binder chat with Dawne (one of my favorites!)

Chatting about prayer journals with my sister-in-law:

Short flip through Q&A:

Full flip through plus Q&A:

The original Gina Garland video that started it all:

(Gina's PDF handout is available here.)


The first and original version of my prayer binder:

Prayer binder tutorial

Prayer binder updates and hacks:

Prayer Binder Q&A:

And my most recent series:
What's in my Prayer Binder?
Part 1      Part 2      Part 3

 Prayer school posts can be found here.

Resources and Books
(some of these are affiliate links which help support this blog at no cost to you.)

This book helps you make a plan for praying.
I don't use everything, but it was an excellent place to start!

I just loved Joni's book on prayer.  Calming, encouraging, and full of truth.

I talk about how I use and marked this book in the video here.)

I haven't read this one yet, but it's on my list!

Prayer Binder supplies

half sized binder
(but this one from Staples is my favorite, it holds up amazingly well!)

page dividers for each section

filler paper

my favorite post-it notes for prayer requests

I hope this gets you inspired and encouraged to start your own prayer binder!  Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below!


  1. WOW, thank you for all the awesome resources. I've started my prayer binder after I read you first post and watched your video. I so appreciate all of the information you gave on how to put it together. It has been very therapeutic to work on and has drawn me closer to God.

  2. Kari, for some reason, the products are not showing up using the Chrome browser. But have checked them out using the Edge browser. Thanks for the links. Still working on redoing my notebook - slow going, but making progress!

  3. Any way to get the hand out by Gina garland. I tried to go to the link but it was not available. Thanks


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