Stone Soup for Five: {week 33} all the stinky things (and how to fix them)

{week 33} all the stinky things (and how to fix them)

I didn't set out to write this week's review about stinky things, but it seems that my life lately has been about how to de-stink all the things.  So if you are on a quest for fresh, this just might be the blog post for you!

Do you have dishcloths that no matter how many times you wash them, they still smell sour after one use?  I used to boil them in water with baking soda and that worked well for a few weeks, but it was a mess and a long process.  One day I tried an experiment by laying my stinky dishcloth on top of my dishes in the dishwasher (on the top shelf) and ran it through the dishwasher cycle with all the dishes.  It worked and my dishcloths never stink anymore!  Every evening I rinse out my dishcloth and run it through with the dishes and each morning it is fresh and clean!

If you have lingering stench in the air (think bathroom or cat boxes or strong smell after cooking, etc) and you hate masking it with air freshener, Zero Odor is a MUST HAVE.  It completely removes all smell leaving only a light, faint, quickly fading scent of swimming pool.  We use it all the time, even on the furniture or in the van or directly in the cat boxes when the smell is too much to ignore.  It is amazing.


You know what else stinks?  Listening to your teen son's alarm go off, hearing him WALK ACROSS THE ROOM to snooze it, then get back in bed and fall back asleep.  So, I got this alarm clock as a last ditch effort before school starts.  It has lights, a super loud (but adjustable) volume, AND a bed shaker!  It definitely works.  (I about gave myself a heart attack when I was setting the time and had the alarm switched on.)


Speaking of teens.  I have one left in the house, but all have had STANKY feet.  Really, really stinky.  We've tried foot powders, washing everything with baking soda and vinegar and making them wash their feet when they took their shoes off.  Nothing really worked but it at least made it somewhat bearable.  BUT!  I've found a miracle cure!  I bought this natural oil shoe spray and the foot powder, and man oh man, it is a miracle!  I had my son spray his Search and Rescue boots, which were extremely FOUL, thinking it might help a bit, but not having too high of hopes... but it completely removed all smell!  I was so shocked that when I picked up a pair of his previously nasty tennis shoes I braved a sniff of them (I realize how dangerous this was), but they had NO SMELL but a faint scent of the spray!  This stuff WORKS!

You can also find the foot powder that makes even his feet not smell!


AND, if you have a problem with bad breath, or always worry that you might have bad breath (or coffee breath) Smartmouth mouthwash is the very best mouthwash we've ever used.  We call it a bad breath eraser.  It completely eliminates bad breath for the whole day!  It is a super saver on church mornings when you've had your coffee and are singing with all your neighbors.  No more Hallelujah Halitosis!  You can pick it up at Rite Aid or Walgreens or Amazon.


That's it from me, but if you have any stink cures, I'd love to hear!

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  1. You are too much fun Kari!!! These are great ideas. And soooooo useful. Thank you for being a fun-loving you!!


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