Stone Soup for Five: A peek inside Carolyn's Bible Journal

A peek inside Carolyn's Bible Journal

Carolyn took some time to share her Bible journal and some of her pages from the Journal and Doodle Bible studies with us!  THANK YOU Carolyn! Love them!

The Journal and Doodle studies are a common sense approach to the Word. They guide you through each passage, taking little pieces at a time and expanding on them. There is no feeling of guilt or shame if you "fall behind" because it is your own pace, with suggestions if you want to dive deeper.

These studies are total inspiration on how to draw out what I am reading and commentary and insight from a woman who doesn't even pretend to know it all!

My Bible is my personal letter from God and I write Him back in it. When I am also inspired to draw out my replies to His Word,it makes me feel closer to Him. Plus, I am better able to use my creative gift!

Thank you for sharing with us Carolyn! I love it!

You can find all the currently available Journal and Doodle studies by clicking here:


  1. I found your blog thru Pinterest and I am currently doing the Ephesians study until the Galations study begins.
    I enjoy seeing the study notebooks from other followers and I am looking forward to your next study.

  2. I found your blog through Rachel Wojo and I love it! What an amazing way to study the word.


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