Stone Soup for Five: Inside Debbie's Bible Journal

Inside Debbie's Bible Journal

Today we get to sit down with Debbie and flip through her Bible Journal and see the works she did through the book of Acts.  In February I shared 28 days in Acts and Debbie hopped along for the ride creating her own pages! Love them!

I remember reading that you wrestle with wanting to do it all. That's me too! And I am a perfectionist, so I have to do everything perfect too!  LOL  Then my stress level zooms up and I have to give myself a reality check. It was during one of these "crashes" that I came upon your 28 days in Acts in February and thought - I could do this! So, I launched into yours. I really copied your style completely. I fell in love with the simplicity of the drawings. 

I loved that I could draw my own conclusions and journal the most important parts to me instead of what someone else thought I should learn. And they appeal to my creative side. I love art, drawing, painting, scrap booking etc, but rarely have enough time for it these days, so, as they say, kill 2 birds with one stone - art & Bible Study. I love watching you create your pages on the videos, so I'm excited that you are doing more of this in the Galatians study.

I like that I can take it easy doing these studies - read a chapter, pick out some highlights, draw a couple pictures - done!  Or - I can do as deep as I want - pulling out reference materials, studying Greek roots etc and then incorporate those things into my page. I love the versatility of the studies in this way. And there is also versatility in the creativity portion - I can just "copy" your page - at least the drawing parts - OR I can create a whole new page based on my creativity level that day.

Thank you so much Debbie, for sharing your thoughts and journal pages!

You can find all the currently available Journal and Doodle Bible studies by clicking here:

And the all new study through Galatians comes out Saturday, May 23rd!


  1. A friend of mine and I recently have been talking about "praying in color" and using art in prayer. This is another way to infuse creativity into your relationship with God. I want to be sure I am digging deeper into my relationship with God and not just de-stressing by coloring! Important difference but this is great concept and very appealing to my need for deeper study of a passage and ways to get it deeper into my psyche. I do not know how to save this on my computer but will write the URL down and return!

  2. Beatiful Debbie
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful art.
    God bless


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