Stone Soup for Five: Lisa's Bible Journal and Interview

Lisa's Bible Journal and Interview

Lisa was kind enough to take some pictures of her gorgeous Bible Journal and the work she's done with the Journal and Doodle Bible studies to share with us!  I love LOVE looking through other people's journals and seeing what God is teaching them!  I hope you enjoy your time with Lisa too!
I stumbled across Kari's bible journaling pages on Pinterest in the winter of 2013. I had been marking up my Bible fairly regularly, but I wanted to improve my study skills instead of relying on the notes and writings of others. 

My biggest struggle with most Bible studies is subject matter and the length homework assignments that go with them.  I find most Bible studies directed towards women are either topical devotions with little real meat from scripture, or lots of theological studying with little emphasis on practical application. I'm most strongly drawn to studies that balance the two and equip me to study the Word leaning on the Holy Spirit for clarity.

What I like most about the Journal and Doodle studies is that Kari gives good guidance to facilitate diving deep in the Word, without telling you how or what you should be thinking. The doodling aspect is helpful to me because as I literally draw out what I'm reading, the lessons become more meaningful and memorable and I start to see the connections throughout the books of the Bible. 

I'm an artist by nature, but I don't want to get lost in art and forget the reverence for the holiness of scripture. The emphasis cannot be on my artistic ability, but instead on His truth. The Journal and Doodle studies help me keep that in check. I can get creative in my Bible and journal, but scripture and revelation is the main focus. 

These studies are along the vein of in-depth inductive studying, without being overwhelming. There are gentle guided suggestions with the freedom to be as creative or simple as you'd like, creating Bible and journal pages that help you retain the messages and teaching in scripture and help you unfold the truths within the pages.

I like that they are in small manageable bites that make digging deep in the Word attainable for a busy mom of many children.

 Lisa is currently working through the test version of the Galatians study and has helped me edit and revise to help it be the best it can be.  Here is a sneak peek of it!

Thank you so much Lisa! 

If you'd like to see the currently available studies, 
please click here.  And be sure to check back this Saturday to get your own copy of Journal and Doodle through Galatians!


  1. I'd love to know what Lisa did for printing out her Galatians study! It looks like she had it bound, maybe? And how'd she get the rounded corners? It looks like a book! Curious, curious...

  2. Thanks Lisa and Kari!. Lisa, I feel the way you do. Generally bibles studies are so guided and short (devotional) that I feel like I do not connect with God at all or they are so ponderous that I can't get them done. I do like the length of Kari's but I question the single verse approach. I went to a church where my husband and son really felt the sermon's were nothing but talking over verses found while doing a word search in the bible and because the verses were taken out of context that the pastor was able to twist their meaning to his own. This causes me to feel that I have to go back to each single verse mentioned by Kari and read it in context to be sure it is not being misunderstood. I'm sure Kari probably does this but if she would state something about the context of each verse then I would feel more confident. It is funny how it needs to be just the right balance to be great and allow me to trust. I also like the way Lisa is doing the journaling in the notebook - this is great for me. I can come and go as needed and get my thoughts down. Sometimes when I leave it and do other things is when the Holy Spirit makes it more real or puts it more in context for my life. The journaling bible is almost seeming overwhelming to me to come up with a great piece of art on a really thin delicate paper instead of a way to study or remember. I always can think of about 4 verses for each study.
    Thanks so much for the great interview and allowing me to confirm with you both on how I can relate. Also thank you for allowing me to make the context suggestion. It is a personal struggle because, at that church, I really felt God was talking to me and yet I trust my husband's discernment. I really enjoy your blog, Kari!

    1. I agree with you 100% Barbara. It is so easy to take verses out of context, which is why I encourage people to read the entire chapter at least twice during each chapter's work and added it as a check box in the new Galatians study. Thanks for mentioning this as I know how critical it is to a correct study of God's word!

    2. Thanks so much, Kari, for taking my comment in the way it was intended.

  3. SO beautiful! What a great way to connect with our Father!

  4. Kari dee, what is that gorgeous black book you use for your bible Journaling in the layout video?

    1. Hi Kaslynn, the sketch book is a Canson book. I have a link to everything I use under the resources tab here: Thanks!


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