Stone Soup for Five: Simple tips and drawings for Bible Journaling

Simple tips and drawings for Bible Journaling

The biggest struggle most people share with me about Bible journaling is either their problem with starting the journal-- afraid that they'll somehow mess things up--or they insist that they can't draw at all.

Today we'll tackle both of those issues!

Aren't you excited?

I know you are!

So, first, let's talk about messing up your journal.

If you're afraid of it not being perfect, I have the solution for you.



Take up an entire page.

There.  Now your journal is messed up.  Sign and date that page.
Now if you are afraid of messing up pages, you've already done it!  See!  How simple!  

Really though, that has helped me. Even in my sketch books (especially when I moved up to EXPENSIVE sketch books).  

AND, really, just relax, because there's nothing that some correction tape or even a whole piece of paper and a glue stick can't cover up.


The second issue is that some people are POSITIVE that they cannot draw.

If you can write, you can draw.

Writing IS drawing.  
It's moving a pencil or pen across a paper in a way that only you can.  
Your signature is your drawing!

But if you are still unconvinced here are a few simple drawings you can do to add interest to your journal.  Even scribbles, circles, squares add interest and are drawings!

And, really, it's just fine to just start making lists and not even worry about the art.

In fact, if you're really nervous about drawing, just focus on making lists, and in the left over spaces, squeeze in a few arrows, clouds, fillers, etc. and see what you think.

The main thing to get from all of this is do what works for you.
If you want to take notes and list, do it.
If you want to try to add a few simple shapes here and there, do it.
If you are POSITIVE you can't draw... do it anyway!



  1. This is very helpful! Thank you.

  2. Thank you. This helps me to continue to learn on today after a sermon I heard this morning at Church. My eyes have been opened I will nolonger be stagnant in my prayer life.


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