Stone Soup for Five: Time Management Ideas--Bullet Journal and Spiraldex

Time Management Ideas--Bullet Journal and Spiraldex

While lost in the You Tube loop last night, I stumbled across two possibly revolutionary time and list management systems.  I haven't tried them yet, but am interested if any of you have?

The time management system is called a Spiraldex:

I've yet to find a time management system that really works perfectly for me.  Perhaps because this one is so different, and visual, it might?  Interesting...

The list/task management system is called the Bullet Journal and this definitely looks like something I want to try!  I HATE that I have important tasks that I write down, and after weeks of procrastination, I forget about and then get frustrated months later that it wasn't done when it should have been, and is now either broken, or other things are messed up because I didn't get to it (like my countertops, which really need to be resealed... for months now).

Have any of you used either system?
I'd love to hear what you think.  Even if you haven't used either, let me know you thoughts, or if you have other systems that work well for you.


  1. I like the bullet journal one better. Hmmm. might do this! I do like the apps I use though. The calendar with alerts is really helpful and I love the cozy app for groceries. You can organize the list to be in order of the items as they appear in the store, so you don't have to backtrack. I don't find that I write down all the little things that need to get done. And then I end up having a ton of things that go undone month to month. This way I would be forced to see that I haven't done it. :) And I'm sure it would be helpful for homeschool stuff. I just got done doing my semi-year organizational plan for that. But I have to add all the extras like field trips, experiments and other supplementary activities.

  2. I'm currently giving the Bullet Journal a try; started it at the beginning of the year. I haven't used it but my family and I are planning on buying a house and moving in a few months and I am hoping that this will keep me organized. Now the Spiraldex looks interesting, not sure if I could draw that though as I have no artistic talent.
    I too have trouble finding a planning system that works for me so I do hope that the Bullet Journal works.

  3. I have actually come accross your blog whilst searching the chronodex and bullet journalling. I am doing both loosely for a short time now and I just love it! I actually use doubledex as that is a bit more convenient for me and it sure helps me track where do I lose time and what do I spend that time with. So I won't use the chronodex/doubledex for all days just to keep an eye on my time management skills when i feel time is just slipping through my fingers. With bullet journaling it is an instant love! It makes me remember all things at once and doesn't squeese me between bars and grids and made me finish my tasks and remember everything and be more creative! I love it sooo much. I did make the mistake of losing myself between the hundreds of BJ videos on youtube , but I enjoyed the sneak peeks into others ways of planning and tracking stuff. I can only recommend it to anyone! Thanks for writing about it! :)


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