Stone Soup for Five: Transcribing the book of Proverbs--a labor of love

Transcribing the book of Proverbs--a labor of love

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  1. What an act of motherly love! These boys are lucky to have you inspiring their faith and loving them day in and day out.

  2. I'm about to go to bed, dear life coach, I swear! But before bed tonight I am sitting here eating up your blog! I could cry with gratefulness for God blessing me with you in my life. Your wisdom and your wonderful ideas- and the beauty that you give to it all. This proverbs-writing thing is wonderful. A huge task that any son would be immensely blessed by. And your making it through the whole OT- I'm so proud of you! And your morning routine... well, thats just amazing! (and yes, I know we are in different stages but it was SO interesting to see how you tweaked it over time) Thank you for all your wonderful blogging, your friendship and support! You are awesome, Kari!

    1. You are so sweet, MacKenzie, and I could say the same for your blog and life. I am so blessed God created the gift of friendship and Christian family. Iron sharpens iron!


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