Stone Soup for Five: {sermon notes} Older women discipling younger

{sermon notes} Older women discipling younger

We are still moving through Titus 2 at church.  This sermon covered more about discipleship of older and younger women.


I'm still enjoying thinking through the notes and putting them in Cornell Notes form.
At the top of the front page, I am writing questions for me to ponder about the verses.

Then at the bottom of the back page I wrote some of my thoughts and how this applies to me.

Rewriting my sermon notes into a bit different format force me to think through it deeper rather than take notes and then toss them away.

I will be filing these sermon notes into a binder (or a few) organized by each book of the Bible, and hopefully at the end of a few years I'll have compiled quite a commentary.  I'm going to start taking notes from sermons I listen to online too.  Right now I'm listening to these great sermons on the Beatitudes.  If you want to listen to this sermon, you can find it here.

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