Stone Soup for Five: {bullet journal} weeks 7 & 8 + seed starting

{bullet journal} weeks 7 & 8 + seed starting

Well, I knew I was at least one week behind on bullet journal posts, but now I realize I'm actually THREE weeks behind.  Sometimes life hits fast forward and you just have to run with it for a while then catch up when you can, right?

Week 7 was a fun/scary week as I got an opportunity to Zoom into a Bible study with a wonderful group of very kind women in Canada!  I was scared, but they were so welcoming and sweet and when we got into what they were learning from Watching Jesus, it was an absolute blessing to talk to them about our mutual savior, Jesus Christ.  

How awesome is it to not know anything about a person other than they belong to Christ.  You feel an instant kinship with them!  If any of you ladies are reading this, THANK YOU again for sharing some of your time and insight with me! What an encouragement! 

My Bible read through is going good.  I like that it is 5 days a week and I can catch up or do something different on the weekends.  I also catch Mark and Cori's live YouTube show off and on when I can.  They are doing a different reading plan, and it is so fun to listen along with them.

Week 8 is the time in my zone to start seeds (Well, actually a little earlier than that) and I was able to get some of the cool weather crops started.  This year, I bought a grow light because our house has zero south facing windows, so to get enough light for the seedlings is near impossible.  The light seems to be working well and the seedlings are growing.  (I way over planted lettuce, as usual.)

I'm in the tedious and fussy stage of hardening them off now.  Taking them outside for longer and longer times for a week or two until they are tough enough to face the harsh world outside.  I'm following this plan.  (Look at those tall peas in the back!  I'm going to use them for pea shoots in salads.  They are soooo delicious!

I do need to get out to the garden and start prepping.  I planted some garlic this fall, and some potatoes had sprouted so I put them in the ground mid-winter to see what they'd do, and both seem to be growing just fine!  We're expanding the garden this year too, and I'll share more when we get moving that direction in a few weeks.

All of my broccoli, lettuce, and pea plants plants are from home saved seeds, which was a first for me.  I was thrilled when they peeked their heads up.  Some of these are getting pretty leggy, but I'm hoping for the best and will bury them deep when I put them in the garden.

How are you guys doing heading into spring?  Any one else starting seeds?

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  1. I didn't get seeds started this year. too busy with work projects, so I'll be buying starts. (just tomato and jalapenos, everything else can start in the ground!) next week is our last average frost, but after the crazy polar vortex called Uri, everything has just warmed up wonderfully and no temps less than 40 in sight. I do have ginger sprouting and I tried to sprout some turmeric, but I think I'll just have to plant it in pots. We have a south facing wall on our back patio that I set up a bench to put pots on, and my lavender is coming up wonderfully. Okay, so I did start something ahead of time!


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