Stone Soup for Five: Bible study encouragement for moms + a sale!

Bible study encouragement for moms + a sale!

Today I get to share a guest post by Jennifer.  We have never met before but she surprised me with such a lovely and encouraging email that I immediately asked her if I could share her experience with all of you.  She graciously agreed, and because I'm hopeful that her joy and enthusiasm will lead other moms of littles to pick up this study, I put the hard copy on Amazon on sale and the instant download printable one on sale too!  I hope this encourages you to keep going, even if it takes you years longer than everyone else!  Thank you so much Jennifer!




My name is Jennifer and I just finished the "John" doodle Bible Study.  I LOVED IT!  

This has by far been my favorite Bible Study that I have ever done. I have started and not finished more Bible Studies than I can count.  I honestly really struggle with sitting and doing a devotion. (I'm kind of like Martha- a buuuussssyyy body who struggles to sit at all!)  But this Bible Study I actually looked forward to doing.  

 I was in a ... what would you call it... a decade long spiritual slump when I started this study.  I was struggling bad!  I honestly bought this Bible Study because I thought "Hmmmm, a doodle Bible Study doesn't seem too deep and maybe it will give me a little scripture to ponder on throughout the day." Well I was wrong!  It took me SO DEEP!  I laugh, I cried, I truly understood what I was reading and took the truth with me! 

It took me 2 years to complete (a busy working mom of littles) but I completed it and got so much out of it!  I LOVE the checkboxes (I only survive with check box- to- do -lists) and I love that it is not labeled "Week 1; Day 1" like most Bible Studies I've done.  I can go at my own pace (which as you can see was sllloooowwww), but it's the only reason I completed it at all.  I have also introduced it to other friends who enjoy it as well. 


I want to share with you what I wrote on the last reflection page....

 "I started this Bible Study with a question of "Is God more truth (wrath) or more grace?"

"Truth" meaning--- righteous, wrathful, High in the Sky, ready to strike, Holy, UNAPPROACHABLE, UNRELATABLE, counting my wrongs, and thinking 'I'm not enough", rule-loving, distant, demanding, constantly disappointed...


"Grace" meaning- merciful, kind, loving GENLTLE, PERSONAL, reaching down, RELATABLE, warm, friendly

I would have argued (in the beginning) that he was more "truth" but out of his Holy (unapproachable) goodness, He made a way to allow us to reluctantly SQQUUEEAAAK into Heaven.  (And while I know that this is basically exactly what the good Gospel is, I viewed it as a much more cold, nose in the air, holding the door open, while I snuck in with my tail between my legs kind of thing.)

Now, I see it differently.  When I look at His interactions with others, they are mostly all gentle and loving.  And even His truth and righteousness (rules) are motivated by his LOVE for us!  He is personal and wants the very most abundant life for His children.  He is a warm and gentle Father who loves His children and knows and wants what's best for us.  And he wants an intimate relationship with us because he loves us so much."  

One of my best friends and I are starting the "Joy- Philippians" study this week!  I can't wait!  Thank you for your unique approach to studying the Bible and for sharing it with us!  It has changed me.

 In Christ, Jennifer

(PS:  I LOVE PETER!  He cracks me up and he reminds me of me... Go Big or Go Home.  All or nothing.  I pray that I have the same passion for Jesus that he has!)



  1. Thanks for posting this It is very encouraging. I am doing your Matthew study now and thoroughly enjoying it. Thanks for putting these together. I've already done several of your older studies.

    1. Isn't it so encouraging to see what others have done?! I love it!

  2. Gosh, I'm a busy homeschooling, working, crazy mom of crazy boys who are not all that little any more (9 and 4). But this is so encouraging. Seeing your pages that are colorful and fun to look at is encouraging that even if it takes me 2 years to finish Ephesians, its worth it.

    Thank you, Kari. Your studies are helpful in really digging in. I'm trying to introduce our women's ministry leader to them, but she is set on some of the more published books (book studies as Hubby and I call them, cause you study her book, not the bible directly).

    1. Two years in Ephesians sounds like a great use of those 2 years!

  3. Go big or go home! I say that all the time & have thought that Peter & I are very much alike, too! Love the thoughtful consideration your friend put into this, Kari--and that she was willing to let you share it with the world. Please tell her for me, that I'm glad she stuck it out. When I did a very indepth study of John (many years ago because I'm old!), I was already "in a relationship" (hahah) with God & Jesus--like, from the time I was able to walk I know I have a savior, can recite Bible verses, attended church & Sunday school every week, the whole works etc. But John's gospel made me FALL IN LOVE with my savior, like head-over-heels IN.LOVE. I'm so glad this mom had the same experience! God is good--all the time--no matter what!


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