Stone Soup for Five: {sermon notes} what do you think about discipleship?

{sermon notes} what do you think about discipleship?


What do you think about discipleship?  Mentoring?  Are you involved in it in any way?

I know it's becoming more rare to be regularly involved in a mentoring or disciple-making relationship, especially for our youth.  In fact, many young adults have told me it's a weird concept for them.  

I wonder if traditional discipleship and mentoring has been replaced with following people online.  Influencers seems to be the buzzword for people to follow and be "mentored" by.

What do you think?

Have you ever sought out a mentor?
Have you ever mentored or discipled anyone?
I'd love to hear your thoughts.

If you'd like to watch the sermon for these notes, you can see it here.  (And if you watch through to the end of the sermon, there's a surprise interview...)


  1. I'm nearly 50 and I'd like to be discipled and mentored! My high school had a mentorship program, but when I told them that I wanted to go to college and get a business degree, they said I didn't need a mentor since I already knew what I wanted to do. Hmmm, doesn't mean I have it all figures out at 17! Guidance at any age for the next stage of life is priceless when it comes from vested individuals. I so appreciate your blogs, Kari, it's not the one-on-one personal interaction I desire, but what you share is thought-provoking, makes me reflective, and sometimes, spurs me to action. :) Thank you!

  2. Ihave had discipleship- mentors and quickly saw the necessity of these relationships. Imagine having another believer walk with you as the Holy Spirit deepens your roots in the faith! Modern culture understands the importance of accountability partners when trying to meet goals or create good habits, but not when it comes to being transformed (back) into the image of God.

  3. I have been a mentor at various times and in different ways through out my adult life. I have a wonderful lady in my church who mentors and disciples me. She is nearing Heaven and that will be a very difficult time when she goes home. Every moment I spend with her is very precious. I have mentors for other areas my life. I have a Dr. that is mentoring me in a health issue that I need to work on. I also have a few mentors for my professional life. Why waste time learning it all on my own, many times the hard way, when I can tap into the wisdom and experience of someone who has gone ahead of me?

  4. I keep praying for a spiritual mentor, not only for me but for my whole family. Someone who would walk along side me and challenge me to grow in my faith. I think for today's culture the biggest reason why people do not mentor is the time it takes. People are always too busy with their own lives or even selfish with it and wanting to not be committed to anything that takes time away from their family. Also, it takes vulnerability to share your faith life with someone else and I think many fear judgement. Just a few thoughts. I really appreciate your website because it is like a mentor in my life as I have applied many of your ideas! Blessings, Michelle

  5. I have mentored many women over the years, my sons' girlfriends / fiances / wives, my sister-in-laws. But most importantly my daughters. I have been mentored (unwittingly by ladies at Bible class (years ago). It is a fluid role going from mentee to mentor! We qre commanded to seeknout youbger women to do this godly task! Doesn't mean we need to be able to recite from memory every word from Deuteronomy, ir be the perfect wife or mother... we only need to LOVE THE LORD! That's do-able.

  6. What does it look like to mentor/disciple your own children? Should it be more formal - like a book study a certain day of the week? What if their age is between 6-16 and you aren't sure they truly understand being a follower of Christ? ~Lisa

  7. I desperately want this - I have asked in every capacity I can think of - in person, online - I think it is such an important aspect of our walk. Discipleship and mentoring are two of the greatest gifts someone can give a fellow believer. Sunshine


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