Stone Soup for Five: {Sermon notes & doodles} Advent series, part 2

{Sermon notes & doodles} Advent series, part 2


For Advent this year, our church is going through a sermon series on the forgotten attributes of God.  This week was over The Grief of God.

I also had a great reader question come in this week about sermon notes.  

Q:  This may sound stupid, but how do you do your sermon notes review without rewriting the sermon?

A: That's actually a really good question!  I used to really struggle there too.  But I eventually realized I'm not trying to make a transcript of the sermon, but rather pull out the parts that really stand out to me personally.  So I usually start by re-reading my notes, then looking up any verses that were referenced in the sermon, then write out the verses and statements that stand out to me.  And I try to keep it to just one page front and back.  So I have to be choosy!

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  1. Thanks for sharing how you do your Sermon you keep them in a binder?


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