Stone Soup for Five: {Bullet Journal Weekly Review} Week 49 + things I've learned

{Bullet Journal Weekly Review} Week 49 + things I've learned


Things I've learned this week:

1.  I'm a lazy Bible reader.  I've been enjoying a new to me (old book, bought used) devotional called Daily Discipleship by Leroy Eims.  Anyway, at the top of each day's reading there is an assignment to read specific chapters of the Bible.  Usually there are three.  And so many times I've skipped it (because I already kinda know what it says) which is lazy and incredibly lame because I have the time to do it.  Lame.  So, I've been praying for Bible reading stamina and I've been doing better reading the assignments.

Cap'n Nestor did most of his shopping online this year... and Grog is helping him wrap everything.

I've also realized this week, that I've fallen back into a snooze habit in the morning.  It stood out to me because I challenged one of the girls I meet with to stop snoozing her alarm.  And if I'm going to encourage someone else to stop doing it, I best not be doing it either, right?  It's been challenging, but the last two days (it's practice month, right?) there have been zero snoozes.  

Bruno and his pet salamander Babushka exchange gifts.  And I read a great quote from The Imitation of Christ by Thomas a'Kempis that I had to write down.

In my Bible time (I'm working through the brand new Watching Jesus journals that I'll be launching soon!), I've been in Matthew 10 this week, and what a perfect chapter for this time. 

I watched Jesus tell His disciples to trust Him for the impossible (heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers, cast out demons) and for the possible (money, clothes, needed provisions).  

And next I watched Jesus tell His disciples that it will be hard.  There will be struggles, He was knowingly sending them out like sheep being led out in the middle of wolves. (Thinking about this is when I realized point number one above.) But He encouraged them DO NOT FEAR.  And to count the cost.  So I counted the cost in two areas that I've been working through.

"And he who does not take his cross and follow after Me is not worthy of me."  Matthew 10:38

And just because it was fun, here's a close up of tiny Babushka and Bruno and their gift exchange.  (Babushka is the cutest!)

And we finally get the tree up and "decorated."  My freshly 18 year old son was the only one to help us and he made an art form of stacking as many ornaments in one place as he could.  I don't care anymore.  I consider it a win to get the tree up!  Our cat, Sweaty, couldn't care less.

How was your week? What'd you learn?  Did you get any decorations up?


  1. I've gotten the Christmas picture books out, plus the Little People Nativity set that plays "away in a manger" when you push the button. We are doing the exam for term 1 of Year 4 on Monday morning and I think after that it will be all out Christmas (but most would think its pretty low key, that's how I roll. My exciting party is your quiet night at home with a bit extra chocolate) I just love your BuJo art, and after reading "The Art of Homekeeping" (I think, somehow I always get that name wrong), E. Shaffer, I've tried to bring more beauty into my home regularly and that means putting doodles and art in my bujo. Yep, I totally use your doodle pages to help me along. Thank you!

  2. When is your childrens book coming out

  3. I love Babushka, she is darling. Who wouldn't like to see another childrens book of Dinosaurs. Maybe it could be a takeoff of Veggietales, or something. Give God the glory for giving you creative imaginings.

  4. I think I deleted my first comment. Not very hi-tech. My cards are sent, decorations done, but I don't have family here anymore. they've all grown up. I'm 76 years old. Not many distractions although I have a gift shop. It used to be a flower shop for many years but things a quieting down now. I'm stepping back. Time to think of retiring. I think Jan. 1st. Anyway, I've been working on my first ever prayer journal and wondering which one you have found works best for you. So many different roads to take! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!


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