Stone Soup for Five: LIVE! from the hammock {Martin Luther’s biblical meditation method}

LIVE! from the hammock {Martin Luther’s biblical meditation method}

I recorded another short video for you today.  This one is updating you on my progress on Psalm 47 using Martin Luther's biblical meditation method.  I never put anything up on the blog that I'm not willing to do myself, and this one has been such a blessing as I work through it.

If you haven't started this method yourself, I encourage you to grab a notebook, or the back of your planner or bullet journal and get started!  If you'd like to read the original post that describes the method, click here.

If you'd like to see more of these short videos over things I use for prayer, Bible study, or just life in general, let me know below what you'd like me to record next!

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  1. I can't find the link for Martin Luther's biblical meditation.... loved the video and the idea to study the Psalm relative to your age!


  2. Thank you for this video. I am going to work through Psalms 51 because that is where I am right now with this method. Thanks again for sharing!

  3. I love this idea! I turn 50 this year and I think this will be a great way to celebrate my milestone birthday:) You always share the best resources and ideas. Thank you for encouraging us in our faith journey. I would like to see a video on the I will meditate journal.
    Blessings! Michelle

  4. Thanks so much. I've just finished reading Martin Luther's letter to his barber. Wow, now to start my notebook. I have been reading thru my Psalm for my year. Now that I see how you are doing you notebook, it will be easier for me to do. My gift is NOT organization, so seeing your example help me a lot. Brenda West

  5. This is great! You are an inspiration to me. My birthday is tomorrow, and I thought I'd go for taking Psalm 43... oh, did I Just slip there... and meditate on it. Maybe tomorrow I can get Luther's letter printed, too. Life got busy!

  6. And, I'd love a video on how you use your gospel notebook. I set one up, but I've never added to it. I feel like I should totally know what to do... but I'm not sure.

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  8. I'm so thankful you shared this method of meditation with us. I've been using it for a few weeks now as I go through the book of Romans, kind of mixing it with how you set up your meditation journals. I write out a summary of the chapter and then verses that stand out. Then I choose one verse and use Luther's method to study it further. Sometimes I choose more than one verse and spend several days on the same chapter. I would also like to see a video about your gospel notebook.

  9. Loved this video - thank you so much for sharing!!! It is such an encouragement to me right now as I am floundering in my own quiet times in this season. Seeing other people's methods and examples is always such a boost to my faith and motivation!

    I'd love to see more videos like this, as well as videos about your bullet journal/planning processes and your prayer binder. Thanks again and have a blessed week! <3


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