Stone Soup for Five: Melanie's Bible Journal and interview

Melanie's Bible Journal and interview

The all new study through Galatians is going to be available on May 23rd!  I can't wait to share it with you!  Final edits are being made and videos are being filmed! It's going to be the best one yet!

As I was preparing the Galatians study, I emailed my awesome subscribers who have done a study before and asked if they would share some of their thoughts and journal pages.  I wanted to interview people and share their thoughts.

When they started coming in I had so much fun looking through the Bible journal pages and comments that I thought I'd share a few of them just as they are with you, because they are so awesome.  I love that artistic people and those who like to journal more than draw are all finding ways to make their time in the Word deep and rich.

Here is Melanie's interview and her very inspiring journal pages.  

These studies are awesome!  I really enjoy them and they have piqued my interest into learning scripture more than any other study I've ever done.  

I love that they play into my artistic side along with my thirst for knowledge. 

They've definitely helped with the consistency of reading my scripture. I sit down pretty much every morning while I have my coffee and work on the studies. Some days I do more than one chapter. 

Melanie, thank you so much for opening your journal to us!  I LOVE how you've added your own insights and doodles and colors! I felt like I was sitting beside you enjoying coffee and your journal.

The all-new Galatians study comes out May 23, 2015.
To see the currently available studies, click here.

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