Stone Soup for Five: Book reviews for April and May's stack!

Book reviews for April and May's stack!

Here was my April stack of books.

I did not get to the two "Uncle Eric" books, but did add in the novel "All the Light We Cannot See".  Great writing but I'm still trying to decide if I liked the ending.  Good story and great characters.

Short reviews:  We loved C.S. Lewis' The Horse and His Boy.  One of my favorites from the Naria series so far.  The boys agreed.

Mary Jones and Her Bible was an interesting story, but hard to get through and lacked the details I wanted and dragged in a lot of points.

The Kitchen Counter Cooking School was the best book I've read this month, practical, exciting, and cozy.  Loved LOVED it.  Because of that, I picked up the author's other book about her time at Le Cordon Bleu, The Sharper Your Knife, the Less You Cry, and only got half way through it before I realized it just wasn't doing it for me.  The time at the school was interesting, but the part about her life was not what I wanted to hear, so I returned it half-finished.  Too many good books to waste time on a mediocre one. Right?

I didn't get to "You're Loved.." so that's in May's stack, but I did read Undone by Michele Cushatt.  Great memoir about her life.  Click the link to read my official review.

Love Does was AWESOME.  I love the hope and excitement Bob Goff has for life.  He lives his life with a "Let's Do It!" kind of attitude that I need more of.  Adventure, excitement, and lots and lots of cool stories.  This is going to be the next read aloud with the boys.

Still moving through Overcoming Sin and Temptation. Very thick "Ye Olde English" reading, but so, so SO good.  Very convicting.  Loving my time in it.

I also added in How to Love Your Neighbor Without Being Weird.  Great book. Get this book.  So real and so practical.  My neighborhood is my mission field, I've been here 12 years, and have yet to start that mission work.  It all changes in a month.

Another add in was Crazy Busy.  I had it on my Kindle and read it when I was waiting somewhere in line or in a parking lot.  I loved the encouragement to keep things simple and slow down.

And here's May's stack of books so far:

A Game of Thrones is a loaner book from a friend. I'm not that huge into fantasy, but I haven't read a fantasy book in years, so I'm trying it.  I know they're a popular series, where lots of characters die, so we'll see.  My friend said the books are not as inappropriate as the HBO series, which I haven't seen, but have heard about.  So far it's good, but I'm not far into it yet.

The Guernsey Literary book I've heard a lot about. It's told in the form of letters during WWII. Having just finished All The Light, it'll be a good next book, I think.

Benjamin West and His Cat Grimalkin has been a fun read-aloud for school.  The boys all are enjoying it.  I love how reading historical fiction brings the person more to life than just knowing he was a famous portrait painter for George Washington among others.

I got 7 Men to review for the blog because it's finally being released in paperback.  Corey saw it and wanted to read it too, so he's reading it aloud in the evenings to the boys. Right now we've just finished the introduction, which was really good, and I'm looking forward to hearing this one!

The Fringe Hours is from the library.  I missed the opportunity to review it for the blog, so picked it up to flip through.

You're Loved is carried over from April.

Undaunted is a book I'm going through with my friend. We just got back from McDonalds this morning for our book discussion and cheap breakfast.  Love those times!

And of course, Overcoming Sin and Temptation.

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