Stone Soup for Five: Bullet Journal review and plan--Oct 27th

Bullet Journal review and plan--Oct 27th

Last week I got sick mid-week with an energy sapping cold... so most of my bullet journal items are now migrated to this week.  

And that is OKAY.

Sick happens and I'm really fine with watching ten episodes of Pioneer Woman on Netflix.  What I'm not fine with is the fact that I've drifted, yet again, from being super intentional with my mornings and totally slacking on my afternoons.

What I'm tweaking this week:

For the last few weeks, instead of switching my work daily (working on one of my hustles for a few hours, then working on another hustle the second half of the day for a few hours), I switched it to working on just one hustle one day, and another the next day, etc.  

Even that was too much chaos in my head.

And I don't swtich tasks well at all.

So this week, I'm changing it up to being one week of just one hustle.  PLUS, I'm giving myself margin because of the sick days last week, and mostly because I need to build more margin into my mind and my week.  Because when I don't have margin, I don't like me.

So, this week is dedicated to just ONE job.

Today, on my margin day I'm planning, prepping, and catching up on my reading, and errands that need to be done. (The boys ate all the food again.)

I'm also adding in my bullet journal my main focus for this season of life and asking a daily question of "What will disturb my peace if I don't do it today?"

Hoping this gets this week back on track!

I also found this video online this week...
I am seriously thinking of switching my Bullet Journal format to a removable page filofax type binder for next year.  Still reasearching, but I LOVE her system!


  1. I love your planner page in the three ring binder. The one with priorities, Bible and game changers. Did you make this? I need a page like this.
    Melissa Waters

    1. Thyanks Melissa. Ya, I did, but am still tweaking because my reality is a lot different than my lists. :)

  2. I always enjoy seeing your pages. I use the bullet system in my Arc jr. Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. I'm thinking about tweaking things for 2015 in the bullet journal. Maybe change formats to a arc like system... I think I need to be able to move pages around rather than do a table of contents that I never update. I'd love to hear more about how you use your arc.


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