Stone Soup for Five: Stupid, Scary, Brave Things (and how to do them)

Stupid, Scary, Brave Things (and how to do them)

About three months ago, I pushed down hesitantly on that right mouse button and clicked "SEND" on one of the scariest emails I'd ever sent.

I asked THE Jon Acuff if he would let me write my words on HIS blog. 

If you don't know Jon Acuff, he is the awesome author of two best selling books and the hilarious writer of the Stuff Christians Like blog.  He is the REAL DEAL.  Look him up because EVERYONE can use extra laughter in their day and then a kick in the rear to get your hustle on and do something amazing with your life.

The funny thing is, because of his book START and because of his online Facebook group, 30 days of Hustle, he pretty much asked me to try this.

After a few weeks I forgot about that scary click of the button, until I heard from Jon.  

And he said YES.

Today, my words are all over his blog and you can read them right here:

He titled it "7 ways to do more of everything."

But really it was me, afraid, trying something impossible.
Because honestly, you never know what will happen if you don't try.
Be stupid enough to try.
Scare yourself.
Be brave.


  1. Congratulations on this awesome opportunity, and it was a great post by the way.

  2. KUDOS! Congratulations on taking the brave step. The post is great! Now that you have taken this scary step, the next one will be easier.


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