Stone Soup for Five: Bible Journal --Learning

Bible Journal --Learning

The more I use my Bible Journal, the more I LOVE it.  It is a constant companion with me as I go to church, attend Bible study, or read books.  It is getting worn on the edges a bit, which makes me love it more.

As I was reading through my first of twelve books of prayer I'm hoping to finish this year (If You Will Ask, by Oswald Chambers), I came to a section about sanctification. 

I didn't have a page on that, but wanted to know more because it is such a "Christian-ism" that I hear all the time, but don't really KNOW much about, so I started a new page for it.

Then, last Sunday, I noticed in the outline we get in the bulletin at church, that the pastor was going to speak a bit on sanctification too.  

I was so excited!  

I wanted to know what he thought in this area and compare it to Oswald Chamber's thoughts to help me form my own idea about it.

It was so fun to flip back and refresh what I learned from the book and then add our pastor's thoughts on it and really think it through.  If I had just read the book, I probably would remember that the book talked about it, but not much beyond that, and if I had just listened to the sermon and take notes, it wouldn't have been nearly as exciting as comparing to what I had learned earlier.

This journal has helped me absorb SO much and add even more to my learning! 

 I love it!

The new pages that I added to the journal this week include:

 (because I want to know more about the Feasts in the Bible, I know there are a LOT of them, but don't know what they signify.)

-Attributes of God 
(last week our pastor talked about God being joyful, which intrigued me and made me realize that I needed a page for all His attributes.)

-Another parenting page from meeting with our mentors.

(because I was listening to a Dave Ramsey show and he answered a viewer's question about office gossip.)

-another page on Sanctification (from Sunday's sermon.)

-a page for "Why read the Bible?"
(from Sunday's sermon too.)

Most of these new pages are blank right now.  Some I will add to as I hear about them or read something about it in a book. 

Some I will take time to research myself, first by looking up the main word in a concordance and writing verses on the page, then going from there.

Some pages I added just a single thought to this week...

and some were multiple pages I filled with information .
(And for those of you who think you need to be an "artist" to do this, look at those drawings, they are just STICK FIGURES on a different style of page layout--which I'll do a post on later.)

If you haven't started your own Bible Journal, 
what are you waiting for?
Go here for basic set up directions and join in on the FUN!


  1. You make a very convincing case :) I love it! I have just been journaling what I learn in my Bible in the margins. That way I can see what it relates to in scripture without having to write down the whole passage. But I bet it would be a really good excercise to go through and transfer a lot of it to a journal. Hmmm.

    1. You should try it Becky! I guarantee you won't regret it. I still will jot short notes down in my Bible, to to have pages dedicated to something has encouraged me to go even deeper. It's been a huge blessing in my walk with Christ!

  2. So I'm going to need you to move to Texas, be my Bible study friend and teach me your way! I really love everything you've written on Bible journalling.

    1. Amanda Jo I can't wait for you to do it! I wish EVERYONE would at least try it and see what they think. It has been an AMAZING tool for me to use!

  3. I found your blog from Pinterest and youve inspired me to start my own bible journal! Thanks for all the ideas, as well as the motivation and all the reasons they are useful. Great stuff (:

  4. I found your blog via Pinterest and I just had to say thanks for all your posts on the topic of bible journaling! I am presently starting my own after reading your ideas and recommendations. Great stuff! (:


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