Stone Soup for Five: Legacy Bible Journal--fixing a messed up page

Legacy Bible Journal--fixing a messed up page

One of the most common questions I get about the Bible Journal is "what if you mess up a page and hate it?".  Since it's semi-permanent in a composition notebook, it does scare some people enough to not want to start.

So there are a few things you can do.

1.  You can make your journal in a binder
on loose leaf notebook paper, which works for some people... but I, personally, don't like carrying around a big, slippery, slanted binder, or loose pieces of notebook paper.

So there's always option #2.

2.  Recover the messed up pages.

I wouldn't recommend doing this for all your pages, 
but for the pages that you really can't stand to look at, this is a great way to fix them!

When I started my Bible Journal, I grabbed the nearest, cheapest composition notebook and just started brainstorming topics to make my Table of Contents.  Like I showed you in the set up post, you need at least 4 pages blank at the beginning for your table of contents.  I didn't do that.  

So now I've run out of table of contents pages, and didn't like my original sloppiness anyways, so I recovered them.


I started out by cutting a template page out with the back of a cardboard cereal box.  (I just slid a straight edge of the box into the notebook and traced a page shape onto it, and cut it out.)

Then I used the template and traced the shape onto some loose leaf notebook paper and cut them out.

Then I rewrote the pages, making two columns for better use of the page area.

Then I glued them with a glue stick, right over the top of my old table of contents.

I don't mind an extra thick page for the table of contents because it will get used a lot and the sturdiness will be nice.

And now I have more room to continue adding topics to study.

But the best thing is, if you struggle with panic that you won't have a perfect journal, perhaps this will give you a bit of freedom to go ahead and start.
Any messed up pages, CAN be fixed fairly simply.

If you'd like to do a Bible Study specifically designed for the Bible Journal, check out the Bible Studies I wrote that walk you through the process step by step, book by book, of the New Testament!  Click the picture below!