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If you're new here, let me take you on a tour of all that is going on here on the blog!

This blog is the home of the Journal and Doodle Bible studies  and I have a free study through Ephesians for you if you enter your email in the box to the right.  Don't miss that!  
You can see all the other studies here on the BIBLE STUDIES page.

Find all the Bible studies here:

Next, there are loads of free doodles to get you started over on the DOODLES page.  They are downloadable PDF files to help you build your confidence and have fun with doodling!

Some of my most popular blog posts are:

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May God richly bless you!


  1. Thank you for all your helps, doodles, and studies. I am enjoying them and they are affordable. Thank you for the freebies, as well. You are a blessings and I thank God for you. Blessings sent your way,
    Madelyn Shields

  2. Thank you for your Bible studies, doodles and all the helps. I so enjoy your page and all the various studies you provide.blessings to you everyday. Sincerely, Madelyn


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