Stone Soup for Five: F A Q


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the original Journal and Doodle studies and the new studies?
The original Journal and Doodle studies (the ones without a photo on the cover) are the "lite" version of the study.  They are a half page format and give a great overview of each chapter of the book.  The new Journal and Doodle studies are full page format and are more in-depth. They include check boxes and more doodles with lots of bonus items also.  Both are great studies to get you digging into the word!

What kind of Journal do you recommend?
If you are new to Bible Journaling, start with a medium sized journal, around 5x7 or so.  Get one that is big enough to write a couple paragraphs on one page, but small enough to not be intimidating.

If you enjoy writing more, get a lines or grid journal.  A composition notebook works just fine (spiral journals tear too easily for me to enjoy), but the pages are thin and tend to have the ink soak through. If that bothers you, get a heavier weight page journal.

If you enjoy doodling and art, get a blank page journal.  I started with an 8x8 art journal, spiral bound, and moved up to my current favorite a 8.5x11 inch, 65lb bound journal by Canson.  

Recommendation: Do what works for you, right now. Don't wait until you get the perfect journal, pen, etc.  If you have a spare composition notebook laying around, use it!  I started with a green cover composition notebook because it was what was readily available.  (An added benefit: If you start cheaply, you'll be more apt to do it and not be worried about "ruining" a nice journal.)

What kind of writing tools do you use?
I started with a regular Bic ball point pen and composition notebook. Which is a FINE place to start (see recommendation above).
Then, as I began drawing and doodling more, I moved up to Micron pens and Tombow brush pen markers and those are my current tools of choice and have been for years now.

How do I start?
If you bought a fancy journal and nice markers, my first place to start is to scribble all over the first page.  Seriously.  Or write on it as sloppy as you can "I am not aiming for ART or PERFECTION, this journal is my notes and thoughts on my journey with Jesus.  It is not perfect and neither am I.  AND THAT IS OKAY!"  ... or something along those lines.  

This is NOT about art.  It is not about perfect writing.  It is not about pencil first then pen.  It is not about showing others.  It is by you, for you.  It is imperfect.  It will have unbalanced pages.  It will have writing squished up to the margin.  It will have lopsided doodles or crossed out words or white out.  
This is you and your Jesus.  He doesn't expect perfection out of  you and you shouldn't expect it in your journal. Make it messy. Make mistakes.  Highlight them!  Life is about growing more like Jesus, not looking perfect when you do it.  ENJOY the process!

What do I write on the pages?
If you have one of my Journal through the Bible Study Guides, then you start at Level 1 and go from there.  If you are journaling through on your own, start with the first thought that grabs you after you've read a section or chapter.  Where do your thoughts flow? What pictures do you see in your mind?  Start there and see where the Word takes you!

How long do your studies take?
I designed the studies to be broken up by the time you have.  Level 1 was pretty much designed for the mom with babies.  It should take just 5-10 minutes and can be broken up into two days for the longer sections.  Levels 2 and 3 are for people with a little more time, from 15-30 minutes.

There is no RIGHT way to do the studies.  Do what works for you at this season of life and stop worrying about right, wrong, or perfect.  Just enjoy the encounters with God's Word and grow!

Do you offer printed versions of your studies for purchase?
We are starting to get printed versions available on Amazon! See what is available by clicking here.

If you have any other questions, please contact me at:
kariandcompany AT comcast DOT net.

All my currently available studies are here:

More studies coming soon!


I'm really enjoying Romans! I'm "behind," but totally ok with that because I'm taking my time and soaking in God's word. The combination of doodling (other people may sketch or draw--I just aspire to doodle!) and journaling has given me such a fresh perspective on this book. The Holy Spirit is using this combo to bring clarity to complex theological themes. This is balm to my soul-- a soothing way to start the day before 
jumping into a busy, stressful day. –Jorie 

Hi, Kari: I cannot thank you enough for these Bible studies you have 
created and shared with us. I was raised Catholic, which means I never 
even opened a Bible, let alone read one. When I was in my early 30's, 
I converted to a non-denominational, but Protestant faith, and my life 
changed - because my relationship with Jesus changed. Even seven years 
later, I still consider myself a novice at Bible studies. I tend to 
get distracted by all the books and tend to study them more than the 
actual Bible itself. Then, there are many times when I am disappointed 
in the quality of the study because all it is is fill-in-the-blanks, 
which doesn't help me comprehend or apply the Bible at all. Then, 
about a month ago, I stumbled onto your website as I was looking to do 
perhaps some visual journaling. I started with your study on Romans 
(and am on chapter 9 right now), and I fell in love. Your studies 
helped me not just to read the Bible, but to pay attention, and to 
challenge myself to truly apply its contents to my life. I purchase 
all of your studies as soon as they come out, and I'm excited when I 
think of all the learning ahead of me. I appreciate you sharing these 
with us, and that you would do so at such an affordable price. May God 
bless the work you are doing. You are touching lives! You are a 
fisher of men, and I love you and thank you for it. I look forward to 
more studies, and maybe even learning more about the Old Testament. 
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! 


  1. My name is Z. I am using my dads computer. I think these ideas are great. I love the bible, always have since I was about 12. I will be forty in March. I really want to do the doodle stuff but I am not an artist. but I am going to try it. And I am going to try the site. see how that works. I cant always afford to buy your studies hopefully I can learn just from the tutorials and make my own up. Thanks for the Ephesians study. Be blessed

  2. Kari,
    I turned 50 this year and was tired of everything I didn't personally know about the scriptures. (I've been told plenty with one verse at a time to verify...) I discovered your Ephesians Bible Study through CreativeLEI. With your help, I began to realize I understood things about Scripture, but now I was figuring out where they CAME FROM. (*Side note: As I got to the end of the Ephesians study, my pastor started a similar study on Galatians. Coincidence? I don't think so.) I purchased your Advent Study and worked diligently through that in preparation for Christmas. This was the no-analysis, straight-from-scripture boost I needed. I was sharing things from this study with everyone. (I tried to get my family to join in, but it didn't happen this year.) Since I was doing it alone, I could write out all the Scriptures and really take the time to make the connections.

    Your studies have come into my life at a time that might be well overdue, but at the exact moment when I was ready to really use them. Thank you for your obedience to God's call to share your discoveries. This is a greater blessing than you will ever know.

    If I had one request, I would ask you to make more of these available in print. I have sent several people to your website and I plan to start giving these studies as gifts.

    1. Wow. This is just beautiful. I am so blessed I can play a small part in your growth in faith and love of our Savior! I am working on making every study available in both print and pdf format, but it always takes more time than I wish it did! Thank you for the encouragement!!

  3. Hi kari. I was reading your Diy legacy journal blog. And the page of the tree of life caught my attention. Would you please share the whole page.

  4. Hi Kari, I am a missionary mom of 4 in PNG. Are your downloads able to be printed in black and white? Looking at the Promises series for Advent!

    1. They print great in black and white. Thanks!


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