Stone Soup for Five: {sermon notes} Titus 1 and continuing the experiment

{sermon notes} Titus 1 and continuing the experiment

This was week two of trying Cornell notes for the sermon.  I did change one tiny aspect, but overall it is still a good method because it requires me to think through the sermon and notes in a logical way as I organize them, and to think through questions I might have and application.

I changed the layout just a bit because our pastor's sermons usually take the front and back of the page.  I didn't want to use that bottom summary section to summarize both sides, so I used that part to write out the key verses on the front, and will summarize on the back.  Other than that, I kept things pretty much the same.

Books he referenced are on the top part, the notes on the middle parts, and the main verses at the bottom.

I didn't think through the back well before I started writing and left a blank spot at the top rather than at the bottom.  Next week I'll have the blank summary space at the bottom instead.

If you want to listen tot he sermon you can find it right here: 

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  1. Thanks for including the link to the sermon. I'm interested. This message seems to go right along with some podcasts I've been following by Mike Winger, Melissa Doughtery and Alisa Childers about Progressive Christianity, Bible Verses Twisted by the New Age Movement/ Word of Faith movement and How Christians can have New Age beliefs and Not Even Know It. I need to go back to your first post though about the Cornell Sermon Notes. I didn't remember it well enough to discern what you tweaked. I really like this system. I think I might find it useful because the sermons in my church are in another language. It's difficult to follow during the sermon well enough to take decent notes, but I could "transcribe" them like you've been doing. Hmm.


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