Stone Soup for Five: {bullet journal} Week 4 + 2021 goals

{bullet journal} Week 4 + 2021 goals


This week was one of those where my task list grew more than it shrunk.

I was thinking through a lot this week.  My friend and I both agree that life stages transitions suck.  No matter what season you're changing into it's just hard.  There are good and bad, but the walk through it is hard.  But God is faithful and He will see us through.

And if you're interested (thanks to my friend urging me to send her my goals), I made time to sit down and really think through some specific goals.  (The ones at the front of my bullet journal were a start.)  So I think this is the final-ish list.  For now.  

2021 Wait well. Die better.


Grow confidence in:


-memorize verses on prayer, the Lord’s prayer

-study prayer in the Bible/Jesus’ life -What He was praying about, when, where.

-read good books on prayer and prayer warriors--start with what I have

-continue to develop a daily habit (prayer binder, prayer journal, Heart Cry calendar)

-preach truth to myself about prayer and its effectiveness, don’t listen to my doubts


-watch the Way of the Master DVDs

-practice starting spiritual conversations with friends, family, neighbors


-make at least 12 apologetics cards* (one a month) memorize with scripture to support

-read at least 6 apologetics books that I have


-keep digging into Watching Jesus through Matthew

-keep working through the Sermon on the Mount**

-keep attending church and writing sermon notes

-keep sharing the word with teens

*I'll be doing a blog post on this soon!

**The Watching Jesus through the Sermon on the Mount journals arecoming soon!


Practice waiting well and dying better to food and laziness


-eat only when my stomach growls

-learn 12 new clean eating recipes (1/mo)

-practice waiting well for the growls

-work through Taste for Truth study


-work up to 12 full body correct form pushups

-walk outside or do a Walk at Home video 5x a week (minimum of 1 mile)

-find and practice a good evening stretch routine


-read Overcoming Sin and Temptation by John Owen

-learn 12 common logic fallacies and work through them until I understand and can spot them

-read G.K. Chesterson


-plan a Life Admin Day once a month (keep a list of little things hanging over my head and get to them.)

-each quarter take some time to sit and plan the next quarter with lots of prayer

-review goals each month

-severely limit my time on screens (try to hit 4 continuous hours offline every day)

-read, read, read (36 books this year--track on goodreads)


Grow in my family relationships and friendships

-plan a 6 week rotation of friends and family over as we can

-check in with boys weekly

-pray for family, friends, and neighbors

-check in with the neighbors (bring a treat, meal, garden produce, and practice starting spiritual convos)

-at the beginning of each month, plan what I will do

-go to a new Tualatin River park with Corey 1x a month

-visit Nate at least 2x (three if he stays over the summer)

-do a surprise drop off of a homemade treat to the guys house at least 1x a quarter


Don’t forget to enjoy the gift of life!

-read at least 12 fiction books

-fill a sketchbook (6-ish pages a month, urban sketch, Danny Gregory, etc) 

“Make it your ambition to find beautiful things in the places where the world says there are none.” -girl in calico YouTube 

-start a commonplace sketchbook and collect interesting layouts, sketches, watercolors I like

-practice like the masters and copy other styles and techniques

-learn to use alcohol markers


Update, clean, and improve our home


-replace interior door knobs (check the ReStore)

-sand and paint all interior doors

-repaint hall and trim

-put new flooring in Nate’s old room/the office (and maybe the other rooms?)

-replace outlets and ceiling light in the office

-*remodel front bathroom (depending on cost)

-fix back toilet with new flush system

-keep up on zone cleaning, try to finish everything on the list at least once a quarter


-expand garden to patio

-dethatch both yards and reseed

-kill stumps

-new barkdust 



Responsibly steward what God has given us

-make a budget for work money (giving, spending, paycheck, saving for taxes)

-get taxes prepared for accountant by Jan 31

-keep up monthly on end of month reports for work

-set and follow a monthly budget

-build emergency fund back up to full

-fill envelopes each month


  1. Check out Renee McLaughlin's "10 Min Total Body Workout for Beginners" on YouTube. The "Rounded Roll Down" section (@ 0:38-3:50 min) is a good, quick but comprehensive morning and evening stretch routine.

  2. Also, have you read the book "Tactics" by Gregory Koukl? He gives some really solid, practical ideas for initiating spiritual conversations with people in your everyday life. It's a slightly softer approach than Way Of The Master. Even 100% surrendered to the Lord, I don't have an evangelist's gift for street preaching or engaging at a high level with perfect strangers. My talents lie elsewhere--not to let me off the hook, but to make the Lord Jesus known in other situations and in different ways!


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