Stone Soup for Five: {bullet journal} Week 4 + 2021 goals

{bullet journal} Week 4 + 2021 goals


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  1. Check out Renee McLaughlin's "10 Min Total Body Workout for Beginners" on YouTube. The "Rounded Roll Down" section (@ 0:38-3:50 min) is a good, quick but comprehensive morning and evening stretch routine.

  2. Also, have you read the book "Tactics" by Gregory Koukl? He gives some really solid, practical ideas for initiating spiritual conversations with people in your everyday life. It's a slightly softer approach than Way Of The Master. Even 100% surrendered to the Lord, I don't have an evangelist's gift for street preaching or engaging at a high level with perfect strangers. My talents lie elsewhere--not to let me off the hook, but to make the Lord Jesus known in other situations and in different ways!


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