Stone Soup for Five: {biblical meditation} when my soul is loud and restless

{biblical meditation} when my soul is loud and restless

This morning I came across Psalm 62:1 in my devotional reading for the day.   It's a short and simple verse:

My soul waits in silence for God alone;
From Him comes my salvation.

And I realized that my soul is NOT waiting in silence for God alone.  It is loud and kind of sick feeling and is waiting impatiently for everything.  EVERYTHING seems to be up in the air.  It all makes me restless, impatient and weary.  

And when I come to times of life like this, I have to lean on the old ways.  Go back to the old paths.  I have to meditate on the truth.  So I pulled out my Bible journal and started where I usually do, on looking closely at the words.

After looking up the words, I highlighted the ones that really stood out.  Then I went to Matthew Henry's commentary and Charles Spurgeon's notes (both free on Blue Letter Bible)   and wrote out some of their thoughts.  I love listening to the voices of people who are far removed from modern culture, but also struggled with the same basic things we are struggling with.

Tomorrow I'll continue my meditation on this verse with a simple method I keep on a sticky note inside my Bible Journal.  I'll work through what this verse says about my God, my sin, my need, His grace, and how it applies to my life.

If you find yourself in a similar place of confusion, noise, and a restless soul, find a verse to start meditating on.  And maybe you (like me) also need to purposefully shut out some of the noise of the world.  Maybe for a day, or maybe for the rest of the week.  Sign out of social media, stop checking the news sites every hour, and just let your mind be quiet.  It'll all still be there later.

Rest in silence my soul
Rest in God alone, regardless of what is going on in the world
Because the Creator and Savior is on the throne.


  1. I love that verse two of this chapter says, "I shall not be greatly shaken." The word "greatly" stood out to me when I read this way back in March, at the beginning of our COVID adventures. At that time I wrote, "To be honest, I have been shaken over the past week. BUT, I am not shaken to the core, I am not greatly shaken. There is peace as my soul waits on You."

  2. Wow good stuff here!!!
    I especially like your sticky note with insite on looking at scripture in a life changing way
    Thanks be to God for the way He has gifted you to build up the body of Christ with a love for God's word!!

  3. I like the line, "we are in the way of both duty and comfort when our souls wait upon God." What a beautiful thought that what God requires of us brings us comfort! Why, oh why, do we ever hesitate to 'dwell in the secret place of the Most High'? He knows what is BEST!

  4. Kari, I love to see how you organized your thoughts about the verse and how you intend to continue meditating on it. I often go through this thinking as I meditate on a verse, but when I actually take the time to write it down, it sticks in my heart. Your post encouraged me to do more writing!

  5. I'm learning to just sit quietly before God. Sometimes have to unload my heart first. Sometimes so tired I fall asleep. Sometimes I hear from Him. Whatever happens, I believe God loves for me to show up and be there with Him.

  6. I'm learning to do this. You are one of my teachers. Thank you.

  7. Just put the devotional book in my wishlist. I love the puritans! Thank you for your insights, always a blessing to me.


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