Stone Soup for Five: How Satan encourages us to sin - method seven

How Satan encourages us to sin - method seven

Continuing our study of Precious Remedies Against Satan's Devices, Puritan pastor Thomas Brooks lists the seventh method that Satan uses to encourage us to sin:

Satan tells us that we can handle it, we're strong enough and we can get just a little closer to the opportunity. 

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Questions to pray and journal through:

1.  Have you ever thought you were strong enough to handle a temptation, and allowed yourself to play with the temptation (or are you doing that now)?  How did that end (or how will it end)?

2. When have you been overcome by or ruled by sin in your past?  What opportunities did you play with and what truth did you ignore?

3.  What believers (from the Bible or your life) do you know who have triumphed over sin?  How did they do it?  

4.  Have you seen Christ's grace growing in you by your refusal to get closer to sinful opportunities?

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