Stone Soup for Five: A walk-through of Kelly's Bible Journal

A walk-through of Kelly's Bible Journal

Kelly was kind enough to film a walk through of her Bible Journal for us.  She is currently working through the free Ephesians Bible study that you can get by subscribing on the right.  I love Kelly's creativity and how she has made this study unique with her own special touches. Thank you Kelly!!

"I did a search on Facebook and found your group. Then I went on your webpage. Your approach was so wonderful that anyone can do it. I love to study the Bible. I love all the background information that I am learning. Your studies bring the Bible to life for me!"

You can find more of these studies available here:

And the new 1 and 2 Corinthians studies are coming August 1st!
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  1. I feel the exact same way about my Ephesians Doodling has helped me more than I could of ever realized in learning God's Word...applying what I have learn to my life...and Wow, the prayer time of what I am learning has greatly increased.

    By making the Journal, we are leaving a Legacy for our family/children that will lead them even more to God.

  2. I've really enjoyed your Bible studies! I love studying God's Word and am looking forward to the new studies :)


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