Stone Soup for Five: Marie's Bible Journal and Interview

Marie's Bible Journal and Interview

Marie is another awesome subscriber who sent me her thoughts and pictures of her Bible journal with the Bible study through Ephesians (You can get yours free by subscribing on the right).

What I am loving about these interviews and photos is the difference that the journals have yet everyone has been enjoying their time in the Word!  You don't have to be an artist or graphics designer or page layout expert.  You just have to want to have fun and learn!  The Bible studies take you step by step through the process, but you get to add in the fun!

Okay, enough of me talking, here's Marie's interview and Bible study pages.

I have been Bible journaling/scripture drawing for a few years, although I have drawn small stuff in my Bible for years. I found your Bible studies on Pinterest and I immediately went to your blog and downloaded the free Ephesians. I LOVED IT! I have since bought and downloaded the package of all the studies, I am very excited to do them.

My biggest struggle with Bible studies is staying on task and finishing, and answering questions like a school work book.  I love the fact that these studies engage my whole brain, the logical and creative side.

 I feel like because these studies engage my whole mind I am retaining more and look forward to being creative while learning more about the Lord.

 I am so thrilled for the future studies and looking forward to the Galatians study.

Thank you so much, Marie, for opening your Bible journal and spending time with us!

Be sure to mark the date of the new Galatians study!
May 23rd! Right here!


  1. I love your blog. I have just discovered journaling through the Bible like this. I LOVE it. I love this latest series with the guests and their journals. Can hardly wait to get started.

    1. So glad you're here Beth! I'm loving seeing all the Bible journals too! I'm so glad you're journaling.


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