Stone Soup for Five: A peek inside Kimberly's Bible Journal

A peek inside Kimberly's Bible Journal

 Kimberly was kind enough to answer all my interview questions, PLUS include pages from some of her work through the studies.  These journal pages are from the 1 Cornithians study Journal and Doodle study.

I found your Bible study purely by accident, although I'm pretty sure it was a Divine led rabbit trail.  I love scrolling on Pinterest and discovered your Bullet Journaling posts, while looking at pins for Moleskine journals.  Well, one thing led to another, as is the case while I'm chasing rabbits.  I started reading your blog and LOVED your journal entries for Matthew.  Being the DIY type, I grabbed my notebook and started doodling through Matthew.  That lasted for about 5 chapters, then I got sidetracked.  I decided to try your free study on Ephesians.  It was really helpful to have a guide as I read and doodled, but again, I got distracted and busy and my Bible time fell by the wayside.  

I joined an online Bible study at the first of the year from your list of 35 Spiritual Goals for the New Year, because I had resolved to read my Bible consistently this year.  I pulled out my Moleskine and skipped to the back and started the new study and tried the SOAP method.  I lasted 5 days.  How pitiful is that?  I enjoyed reading and highlighting, but I got behind and then I quit. But God kept pulling me back, so I went back and finished Ephesians. I made  my quite time in the first thing morning along with with a nice cup of hot chocolate a priority.  Being able to connect with the scripture through my journal and pen has become the best part of my day.  I started out doing it for about 15 minutes, then the next thing I know I've been reading and studying for an hour or more.

I'm now working through 1 Corinthians.  I'm loving how you lead me to discover what the Word is saying and getting me ask myself how I can apply the principles in my life.  I'm so thankful to not have  a workbook that I have to fill in the blanks and figure out what the author wants me to think. I’m not good at figuring out the "right" answer. Your studies cause me to think and search for for the deeper meaning of the scriptures as it allows God to do the teaching. 

The studies I've done so far make me crave my time in the Word.  I look forward to waking up and getting into the study.  Some days I can only get part 1 completed, which gives me something to think about until I can get back and finish the last 2 parts.  

Thank you so much Kimberly!  I love hearing your story and seeing your journal pages!

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  1. I'd LOVE to know specifically what kind of journal Kimberly is using here. I love the dark glow to the pages themselves...or is that shadow. AND I'm LOVING this idea of Journaling and Doodling through the bible. Do you happen to know what journal Kimberly used here?

    1. Kay, I asked Kim and here's what she said about her journal: "I got this journal (Markings by CR Gibson) at Walmart a couple years ago in the clearance section. I love the heavy paper and the page size, but it must have a finish on it, because when I erase the pencil lines the ink comes off too."


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