Stone Soup for Five: Summer Reading List

Summer Reading List

This stack is a bit ambitious for me, 
but it would be so fun to read through them all this summer!  

A classic.
A memoir.
Self improvement
(that last one is thick and intimidating, but for $3.50 at Powell's, I couldn't pass it up!)

I might add in a candy fiction (something that is just pure fun to read) but haven't found it yet.  

Any good suggestions?


  1. Looks Great! Thanks for sharing :-)

  2. Love the Bill Fay method. It's very good for introverts :) Have you read Same Kind of Different As Me? It's wonderful! It's a fast read though because you can't put it down. Even Cliff read it in like 3 days and he doesn't read books often.

  3. If you'd like sweet, fun, clean fiction, I recommend "Crimson Roses" by Grace Livingston Hill. She was a pastor's wife and wrote in the 1940s, so her style is VERY dated but consequently sweet.

    "Crimson Roses" is a Cinderella story about a young girl whose only pleasure is a ticket to the symphony... and then one day, roses started appearing on her seat. It's beautiful.


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