Stone Soup for Five: 25 Summer Bucket List Goals

25 Summer Bucket List Goals

The boys and I have created our Summer goals for 2014!

I don't think there has been a year where we've completed all of our goals, but it is always a lot of fun trying.  Now that they are teens, our goals have changed a lot.  Less Zoo, more Food, etc.

We'll have fun trying to get all 25 done.



Summer 2014 Bucket List

1. Camp for a week
2. Go on a road trip
3.  Oldest two pass driver’s permit test
4.  Firepit party
5.  Parents play Minecraft with the boys
6.  Play through all our board games at least once
7.  Have a water fight
8.  Find at least 3 geocaches
9.  Have a blind taste test of a cheeseburger vs. hamburger and see if you can tell a difference
10. Waterproof a Minion and test it
11.  Build a retaining wall
12.  Plant a shade garden
13.  Do three random acts of kindness
14.  Volunteer for grandma or a neighbor on a project
15.  Make homemade ice cream
16.  Sprinkler jump on trampoline
17.  Each of the boys host, prepare & clean up one party
18.  Teach each boy how to sew
19.  Go on a guy hike
20.  Midnight Taco Bell run
21.  Go shooting with friends
22.  Learn a new card game
23.  Make a piece of art
24.  Make brown bag lunches for homeless and hand out

25.  Backyard campout

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