Stone Soup for Five: Some of my favorite blogs

Some of my favorite blogs

When I first got into the world of reading blogs, I subscribed to EVERYTHING.  My inbox was crushed, I didn't read half of them, and I needed to streamline.

I still follow too many probably, but here are a few of my current favorites in this season of my life. --ecclectic mix of her life, circus performance, and computer/techie, but some of the most useful, practical information on life planning, blogging, coding, etc.  Love seeing an email from her in my inbox.  I will never delete without looking it over first.  And that's saying something!

Sam's Noggin --homeschooler, exerciser, Bible loving, Jesus girl.  She has so many practical posts that really speak to where I am in life right now.  AND, right now, there's a "how to make your perfect planner" series.  Yes.  Infinity YES.

By Sun and Candlelight --very "mellow" blog, that taught me the crate file folder system that has revolutionized my homeschool planning/organizing.  Her blog always makes me feel warm and cozy and peaceful.  Plus, she's very organized and a planner. --business and leadership blog, but really, this has been so useful to me as a homeschooling mom teaching boys.  I want so much for them to be leaders of their home, family, community, and he has so many ideas from his years of leadership and success that I would never know.  So thankful for his practical application and lists with bullet points.  Wealth of information here on his blog and podcasts.  --Jon Acuff, of Stuff Christians Like fame, has a more personal blog that I find very inspiring.  Right now, with all the things I want to accomplish, he spurs me on to keep persevering.  Plus, I love his sense of humor and transparency.

Kissing the joy as it flies --Kira is probably the best friend I've never met, or even talked to with my voice (mostly just my fingers... on a keyboard). She has just finished an epic move, so has been absent from her blog for a while with all that chaos, but when she comes back (and word is it's SOON!) you won't regret following her.  Great info, Jesus follower, boy mom, and she hosts Fess Up Fridays, which truly crack me up.

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