Stone Soup for Five: Camping with the Dutch Oven

Camping with the Dutch Oven


So for the last 2-3 years, when we go camping we take our Dutch Oven. It is SO much fun and so much more enjoyable than hot dogs and burgers for 8 days.

We tent camp, so we just have a cooler, small grill, and dutch oven, but it's all we need to eat delicious food!

My friend has a dutch oven too 
and each day we cook a breakfast,  
dinner, and dessert in them.

Lunch is the leftovers or burgers or dogs.

This year I decided to make it even easier and pre-prep EVERYTHING I could.  

And it should be SO easy 
to just dump the stuff in the D.O. 
and enjoy!

The recipes I'm responsible for:

Scout Breakfast
Zippy Chicken and Au gratin potatoes
Enchilada casserole
Pumpkin Delight
Cinnamon Rolls
Blueberry pound cake

 I pre-prepped everything I could, put each step of the recipe in separate bags, and put that in a gallon bag with the recipe tucked in.  

So now when we are at the site, 
I don't have to dirty a bunch of pans and bowls and utensils, 
but just dump and go!

Should be fabulous!  If you don't have a dutch oven, and get sick of the same ol' same old during camping, you should definitely invest in one.  You can get the 12" size one for about $35 to $40 and it is WELL worth it.  Pack that, charcoal, and matches and you're on you way to deliciousness!


  1. Kari, I think your blog is my new favorite. Every time I read it I am either inspired and/or learn something. We have church family camp every year and there are the "good" campers who all have a dutch oven and produce thanksgiving dinner in it, and there there are the "other" campers, who don't. Alas, I am an 'other.' It seems so intimidating to me. I am incredibly impressed with your pre-prepping and I can't WAIT to hear how it goes because I'm going camping in three weeks and maybe you can teach me to be a good camper too.

    Hope you have a great time!

  2. Oh man, Kira. I got the hook up for you then. Go get a 12" dutch oven (it has to have legs and an inverted lid--for outdoor use) and season it if it's not pre-seasoned, and I'll hook you up when I get back with all the recipes and goodness you need to become a ROCKSTAR Dutch Oven Queen! LOL

    Oh,and get a bunch of gallon and quart freezer bags too. Then get ready to gain about 50lbs and you'll be all set!

    Rock on.


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