Stone Soup for Five: Back to Menu planning--lest I die

Back to Menu planning--lest I die

I've been winging it since we got back from our camping trip (with the Dutch Oven, and very YUMMY recipes, which gave me back 3 of the 7 lbs I worked hard to lose!)  But let me just say, winging it is cruel.

It tempts me...   
(no planning!)

It tantalizes me...  
(don't worry about it now, you've got a freezer and pantry... SOMETHING will magically come to you)

It seems exciting...
(maybe someone ELSE will appear at our door at dinner time with a piping hot pan of delectable dinner)

But, what really sucks is that it always ends up with me out of ingredients for what I panic-stressed and thought up, so we end up with unhealthy pizza (and happy boys) or eating a dinner of salad (and very unhappy boys) or wait till 8pm and have cereal (and a VERY unhappy husband).

So I'm back on the bandwagon. Again.


monkey toes
French Toast
baked omelette
baked oatmeal
breakfast tortillas

grilled cheese
cheese bread sticks and pizza sauce
chicken patties with rice
pizza rolls
smokies and fries
hot dogs and mac
fish sticks

French Dips (roast beef from the deli, heated in au jus sauce from the foil packet, served on hoagie rolls)
Tom's Meatballs (from a friend who is an awesome cook.  NOT WW friendly, but should be worth the points!)
Homemade Pizza
tacos/taco salad
BBQ Pork sandwiches (pork shoulder in crockpot with Sweet Baby Ray's cooked, shredded, served on rolls)
Crock Pot Chicken Lasagna  (this is going to be taken to a potluck! Hope it's good!)
Patty melts (burgers with grilled onions and mushrooms served on rye. YUM!)
homemade pizza
Chicken Patty Parmesan chicken (Costco Chicken patties, baked, with spaghetti sauce and a sprinkle of cheese... easy and you don't even miss the pasta. 9 ww points!)

Let's hope this will make for a smooth transition into another year serving in AWANA and the new school year... 
which is going to be HOMEschool.  
For three boys.  
By me.
Lord help us!

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