Stone Soup for Five: Pre-prep Prep

Pre-prep Prep

Okay, I tried to pre-prep 2 weeks of meals (well, MOST of them).  The easy and quick prep ones I will just do the night of.

First I started with Garbage Soup.  YUM.
LOLL Not really, this is all the scraps from the veggies added to water and chicken breasts to make chicken broth while cooking the chicken for the other meals.
A super frugal way to do it is to throw all the peelings from carrots, wilted celery, limp green onion tops, etc into the water.  Stuff you'd throw into the compost bin anyway (all washed of course).
Toss in some chicken breasts and boil away.

While that was boiling, I cooked all three pounds of hamburger and part of it went to a green bean and tatertot casserole.

I shredded a partially boiled chicken breast to sear till well browned in the skillet. This will be for chicken salad sandwiches, or salad topping, etc.

The stove bubbling with makings for Chicken Spaghetti, lunch shredded chicken and beef and bean burritos, which I'll freeze for quick grab and go meals.  Y.U.M.

Chicken. Finished.

Cheese added to beef and bean burritos and when it's melted I added to tortillas, rolled up and froze.  This is good stuff.

and the final results of 2 hours work (including clean up time!)

2 small pans of chicken spaghetti (going to the freezer)
1 filled veggie tray (fridge)
lunch chicken (fridge)
Steak bites, ready to broil for our anniversary next week (freezer)
Beef stroganoff (to the freezer)
Tater Tot Casserole (freezer)
Nacho Bake (freezer)
9 beef and bean burritos (to the freezer)
and one small container of taco meat (for lunches and salads--to the fridge)

Now I'm exhausted.  But feeling like I acutally accomplished something today!


  1. Wow - I'm amazed at what you accomplished!! Great job!

    I find it's such a good feeling to have meals prepped ahead of time. I don't do it often enough, but am "re-inspired" when I see it done like this!

  2. Awesome! Everything looks so yummy!!


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