Stone Soup for Five: GREAT book for moms and boys

GREAT book for moms and boys

Book here
If you are kinda a doof like me, and have a hard time thinking of creative things to do with your son (or sons) you have GOT to get this book.  Why there's only 1 review on Amazon is beyond me.  This book is AWESOME!

-Real, practical hands on activities to do with your son to improve relationship (late night trip to Taco Bell).
-Bible passages to read to your boys and questions to ask them (going through David's life)
-Short "Just for Fun" sections to do and talk to your boys about. (Asking: What will you remember about me?---do I really want to hear the answer here?)

I have just read the first chapter and am in love and anxious to try to put some of this to work for us.

I know that the only way I will be able to reach out to my sons and encourage them to live for Christ is to build our relationship into one that is fun, close, and full of respect and love.  I really am excited to put this book to the test!!!!

P.S.There's also one for Moms and Daughters too!

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