Stone Soup for Five: Menu Plan Monday -Spring Break Edition

Menu Plan Monday -Spring Break Edition

I went over budget this week by $10... but that's fine because I was also buying some supplies for our 72 hour emergency kits!  Week one DONE!

Mc Mom's 
Eggs and sausage
muffins and yogurt
French toast
cold cereal

dogs and mac
egg rolls and rice
pita sandwiches with this bread
left overs or DIY

tuna noodle casserole, salad, homemade rolls if I remember
chicken and rice bake, green beans, salad
simple crockpot stroganoff, noodles, salad
beef and broccoli LoMein
Left overs or DIY

I'm also going to try to pre-prep what I can to have it ready to go... with it being spring break and all, I get a little off the normal schedule.  Let's hope it is a better dinner than last night's rush at 8pm to get something into a starving Mr. Measure (I forgot to make dinner!)... he had a reheated frozen breakfast burrito and potato chips.  Not a shining moment.

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