Stone Soup for Five

Dawne's Prayer Binder flip through!

I recently had an opportunity to chat with my friend Dawne, who graciously allowed me to film her as she flipped through her prayer binder.

Expanded Biblical Meditation -- Part 2

In the first post in this series of expanded Biblical meditation we read through a section of verses to meditate over and then drilled them down to one word or phrase.  This can be used for pretty much any verse or verses you choose, which is why it is so exciting to learn how to study and meditate over the Bible this way!  If you haven't read that first post, click the link up there and read through it, then pop back over to this one.

Q & A about the 1 John Kids Study!

Today I invited my editor and friend, Kristen, to do a quick Q&A session about the kids study she wrote for 1 John.  She has worked with me on the last seven Journal and Doodle studies and I (and you!) have been blessed incredibly by her input through the years.  The studies truly wouldn't be the same without her behind-the-scenes work and sense of humor.  

See Inside the NEW 1 John study!

The brand new Journal and Doodle study through 1 John is finally here and I'm so excited to give you a peek inside!  There are some things that are the same as previous studies, and some new features... so let's hop in!

As with all the Journal and Doodle studies, you get to create your own study journal to doodle, write, and keep as a legacy.  This guide will take you step by step through 1 John guiding you with doodle suggestions, things to think about and items to list and apply to your life.

Doodle Wednesday! Cows and Donkeys

Cows and Donkeys are the first of the farm animals we'll be doodling.  These are a little more detailed, but don't get intimidated, with a few practice tries you'll do great!

Click on the pic above to be taken to the PDF.

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