Stone Soup for Five

FREE! The Promises Advent Grid for kids!

I meant to upload this last week and things just got away from me.  But this is the free Advent grid that goes with The Promises Advent Study!
Print off however many copies you need and each day you work on the study, have the children find the corresponding square to color in.


P.S.  Remember two of my studies are available on Amazon now!  And are always available in PDF form too!

THANK YOU!! What a week!

After weeks of preparing The Promises Advent study for you, I just wanted to take a few moments to THANK YOU for all you've done for me!

Looking for a no-stress, creative, and do-able Christmas Advent study? Got ya covered.

I really dislike Christmas studies that put more to-do's into my way too short and way overstuffed Christmas season.

I also dislike coloring books that have so much detail that I don't even know where to begin and feel like I can't breathe when I look at them.  (I'll be honest, I still really like the Disney Princess coloring books, with big dresses and not much background clutter.)

And I love Christmas music.

So basically, I wanted a Christmas Bible study that was short, deep, do-able, fun, and included coloring without stress... and I couldn't find one.  So you know what they say, if you can't find it, make it.

Coming SATURDAY! Sneak peek at the Advent study!

You guys, I'm so excited to be finishing up The Promises Advent Study for you!  I'm putting the finishing touches on it, and this year it is DOUBLE the size with tons of new doodles, full sized coloring pages, and lots more!  PLUS, it will be available for the first time ever as a bound book on Amazon!  (With free 2 day prime shipping!)

The launch date is November 12th and we'll have an amazing bundle and discounted price for you that week so stay tuned as it gets closer.  But first, I'd like to introduce you to the study!  

Bible Journal notes on HOPE

Every once in a while I just want to share what I'm learning and doing in my Bible journal.  

For the last year I've been learning a lot about Biblical Meditation and trying to put it into practice as I've been slowly soaking in Psalm 119.  And, you guys, the results have been truly life changing.