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I Will Meditate Volume 3 is HERE! {and a special limited time savings!}

I am so excited to share the release of I Will Meditate Volume 3!  You guys, this is the best one yet.  If you've been on the fence about working through these journals, you'll want to pick this one up!


If you're more of a video person, here's the Volume 3 flip through.


As I was working through the other two volumes, I realized that when I ended one book and started a new one, there was no transition, no time to take a breath and survey the landscape.  So Volume 3 corrected that by giving you preview pages to read and take notes on each book (with links included).  This gives you time to move gently into the new book and enjoy it as part of the whole story of the Bible.


For each new book in this volume, you'll start with maps and diagrams of key places and events for that book.  This helps solidify where each event happened and give you a visual for what is going on.  These maps are free for you to copy and use, or just mark up in the book as you read about the locations and details.

Aren't these GREAT!?  A big huge THANK YOU to Blue Letter Bible for their generosity!


I also noticed that as I worked through a book, I would tend to get lost in the chapters and forget what came before.  I was almost reading each chapter as a stand-alone part of the book, when really, the book was originally written as one big story in the bigger story of the Bible.  So each day includes a checkbox to mark reminding you to do a quick flip through of what came before.  This has helped me tremendously and I pray it does you too!


The BEST feature, however, is that you will be creating a legacy of your time in the Word to refer back to and leave as a gift to future generations.  Every handwritten page will be a record of your time learning from God.   This series will be twelve volumes long, and will take you through the entire Bible.  You will be creating your own personal commentary and leaving your insights on every single chapter in the Bible!

For the launch week of June 18-22 Volume 3 is available at a special price of just $10 on Amazon.  After that, the price goes up to the usual cost of $12.  You don't want to miss this one!

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