Stone Soup for Five

Want to talk about prayer journals? Join us THIS MORNING!

As you guys are waking up, hop on over to Google and join us for a coffee and prayer journals!  My sister-in-law and I will be discussing our personal prayer journals, how they have revolutionized our prayer time, and different styles we've used and are using.

Motivation Wednesday: The Best Books, Blogs, and Scopes

I really wanted this post series to be "Motivation Monday," because it sounds so cool, but really I need motivation most when it all comes crashing down around Tuesday night...

Updated Bullet Journal, books, plus a COUPON CODE!

It's a new week, so I thought I'd give you an update on my new trial system for the Bullet Journal, the books I hope to read, and a coupon code!

Plan your weekend like a vacation! Ideas for intentional rest and fun

What does your ideal weekend look like?
Not, obviously, your ideal VACATION weekend, but just your ideal, normal, staying around home, weekend.  Make a list of maybe the top 4-5 things you would love to do on a weekend that you would make it ideal.