Stone Soup for Five

Prayer School session 4 -- {plus free printable!}

The reality of prayer in my life is pretty simple:  it's hard.
Praying without growing weary (or bored) is harder.
And praying when I don't see many glimmers of hope make it almost impossible to continue to persevere.

Dawne's Prayer Binder flip through!

I recently had an opportunity to chat with my friend Dawne, who graciously allowed me to film her as she flipped through her prayer binder.

Expanded Biblical Meditation -- Part 2

In the first post in this series of expanded Biblical meditation we read through a section of verses to meditate over and then drilled them down to one word or phrase.  This can be used for pretty much any verse or verses you choose, which is why it is so exciting to learn how to study and meditate over the Bible this way!  If you haven't read that first post, click the link up there and read through it, then pop back over to this one.