Stone Soup for Five

Bible Journal notes on HOPE

Every once in a while I just want to share what I'm learning and doing in my Bible journal.  

For the last year I've been learning a lot about Biblical Meditation and trying to put it into practice as I've been slowly soaking in Psalm 119.  And, you guys, the results have been truly life changing.  

Energy Management for Introverts--weekly routines

As an introvert, I'm always fighting fatigue and trying to manage energy levels.  I really do like being around people, but too much social time D.R.A.I.N.S. me to the point of wanting to move to a cabin in the woods for a few years.  I used to think there was something wrong with me, but over the years I've learned that it's really just about energy management and recharging time after a busy day or week.

FREE! Weekly Review Checklist

Do you do a weekly review?

Since I've been doing it, I feel much less stressed and can usually stay on top of things better that tend to surprise me (upcoming birthdays, etc).

I've tweaked quite a few weekly review checklists and made one that I really like.

I keep a copy of it in my planner and try to do it on Saturday or Sunday to review, reflect, and plan ahead.  Click the picture above, or this link and download a copy for yourself and let me know what you think!

4 great devotionals for the non-devotional reader

I don't normally like devotionals.  In fact, I hadn't read a devotional since my high school years.  But, recently I've been really enjoying reading Puritan authors and bought the first devotional I have ever loved... which lead to another... and another...  So, of course I need to share my findings with you, because if you're not a devotional reader like me maybe these will change your mind!

Prayer School--How the Puritans prepared for prayer

In these prayer school posts, I'm learning and playing around with different ways to improve my personal prayer life and sharing them with you.  None of these is the "right" way to pray, and your prayer time doesn't have to be a long, meticulous time.  There is time and place for quick "arrow" prayers as well as time for longer, meditative, thoughtful prayers.  I find that I'm pretty good at those "arrow" prayers, but not so wonderful at the deeper prayer times.  So therefore, I keep trying to learn from those greater than I.