Stone Soup for Five: {Bullet Journal} Week 5 + January Review

{Bullet Journal} Week 5 + January Review

Already done with the first week of February! 
Did not get much done this week as I was primarily focused on getting all the tax stuff together.

And on top of taxes I was a little off this week.  I didn't do my weekly layout until Monday, and then the day was already going and I didn't get to do my daily list for Monday.  It throws everything off, which is again why I didn't accomplish much most of the week.  

I'm trying to develop a habit (which I FAILED at this week) that I read in a blog I love.  She remembered having a habit of making Tuesday her day to read only her Bible and NOTHING else.  I thought I might try it, but admit I was scared. Could I do it?  Nope.  BUT that doesn't mean I'm going to give up.  I'm going to continue to make Tuesdays my day mostly off screens (except for work) and reading only my Bible.  A friend who was brave enough to try it with me told me she set her Bible open on the counter where she could see it and that helped tremendously.  So, I'm going to try that this coming Tuesday.

I did kill it on Thursday though because I was working through my morning stuff using the Pomodoro Technique.  Every time I use it, I am shocked at how much I can get done.  And now there are even fun pomodoro videos you can play in the background that have nature sounds to listen to as you work.  I used this one on Thursday.  It has a 25 minute gentle rainfall and thunder background and a 5 min music break.  There's a link in the description for more Harry Potter themed sessions too.

And this is the reason why I still stick to bullet journals.  I have plenty of room to add notes and other things to the pages as I need to.  I've been thinking a lot about when we say we are going to just have to "try harder" to be a better Christian/person/mom/friend etc.  But I'm wondering is that what the Bible really says to do?  I see more about dying to our flesh, we've been crucified with Christ, take up your cross, etc.  So I was working through some thoughts on these pages.

January Review

My January WWIID (What Would I Do Differently)?  Where I think back on my day and answer what I would do differently if I could live that day over again.  I'm embarrassed to say most of January I didn't do what I wanted to and instead scrolled the news before I read the Bible.  It just makes my whole day out of whack and rushed when I do that, but it's still obviously a problem.  I need to die to the desire for more information and the addiction to "doom scrolling."

I didn't fill in every day of memories, but it's always fun to look back on it when I do.  I'm okay with blanks, it's white space, right?

My January tasks weren't amazing either, but I did make some progress.  And I knew I would be no where close to filling in the boxes for the January reading challenge, but I had fun finding a few books to fit in and read more than I would have.  See the books I read here.

My menu always gets changed around, but it is so helpful to have.  I also ended up changing my habits mid month, so that little sticky note has the new ones I worked on.  My mornings are pretty solid, but my afternoons and evenings need more attention.

Last Week's Posts

In case you missed it, last week I introduced the NEW Watching Jesus journals that are on sale right now!  You can read why I created them here.

There are also last week's sermon notes here.  

And week 4 of my bullet journal with my 2021 goals right here.


  1. Last January before the pandemic and before I lost my ability to walk I had made an effort to do a better job of writing about my daily events. Needless to say, as I was just struggling to live and everything just stopped. I found my planner this week and was so thrilled to read about my last January. Needless to say I have renewed my desire to make an effort to write more about what I am doing and thinking. It really helps. I am still not out of the woods on walking nor is the pandemic over, but I can see I have grown closer to the Lord during this time. I can see the things you are trying to do will have a positive effect on your life even if you are not perfect at doing them, too.

  2. I am always inspired and encouraged when I read your posts. Thank you for sharing them. Sunshine


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