Stone Soup for Five: {Bullet Journal} Week 5 + January Review

{Bullet Journal} Week 5 + January Review

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  1. Last January before the pandemic and before I lost my ability to walk I had made an effort to do a better job of writing about my daily events. Needless to say, as I was just struggling to live and everything just stopped. I found my planner this week and was so thrilled to read about my last January. Needless to say I have renewed my desire to make an effort to write more about what I am doing and thinking. It really helps. I am still not out of the woods on walking nor is the pandemic over, but I can see I have grown closer to the Lord during this time. I can see the things you are trying to do will have a positive effect on your life even if you are not perfect at doing them, too.

  2. I am always inspired and encouraged when I read your posts. Thank you for sharing them. Sunshine


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