Stone Soup for Five: {bullet journal} Week 2 + morning routines

{bullet journal} Week 2 + morning routines

 We've reached the end of week 2 of 2021!
 Here are my weekly and daily bullet journal pages, nothing amazing and not very productive overall.  But I did get a few big things marked off the list.

But, I'm not feeling very intentional and still feel like I'm just running damage control rather than productively pursuing my goals.  So each new week is a new chance to try again, right? 

A while ago, a reader asked me about my morning routines.  She saw something on an old video and sent me an email asking about them.  I couldn't find the one referenced, but did pull out my old bullet journals and flip through them trying to find some examples.  I have bullet journals all the way back to 2014 and it was fun to flip through them again.

This was a simple morning routine from 2014.  (I tried "affirmations" in the morning because of some book I was reading at the time and it just felt weird and kinda stupid.  I am who Christ says I am, not who I say I am.  So I crossed that one out never to return to again.)

This was a routine from when I was homeschooling all three boys and I needed to homeschool them well (and complete all the math and english corrections!) AND blog AND keep the house from falling down AND do all the things.  Looking back on this, I remember I liked the weekly habits and might revisit that in the future.

A morning routine from 2016.  Still homeschooling and trying to fit in the important things.
(Any time you see "meditation" it's Biblical meditation, as in thinking deeply on the Word of God.  This was from when I was meditating through Psalm 119.)

About that same time of life, trying another morning routine.

The 5am wakeup was pretty steady for me through these years, but that also means a 9pm bedtime.  Now that I'm not homeschooing, my wakeup time has changed to be closer to 6am.

This was a morning routine from 2020.  It's mostly what I'm doing now.

But of course, I'm always changing some things.  I don't have to write down to make bed or empty dishwasher anymore as they are habits now.  I make my bed before I leave the room for the day and I empty the dishwasher as my coffee is brewing.  
(It takes about 3 minutes, even on the really full dishwasher days.  Who knew?)
The highlighted habits are the top three.  If I have a busy day or don't feel well, if I at least get those three done, I'll count it a success.  It's based on the fact that I know those are the three I am most likely to put off and are the hardest for me to discipline myself to do.  The others are a bit easier and require less willpower to complete.

For this week, I'm going to try a new weekly layout I found in one of my old bullet journals.  It's doodled there on the left page.  I thought I'd also share what I'm hoping to do for my weekly review and evening routines for the next few weeks.

And this is what I'll run through while planning a new week.  We'll see how it goes.

If you have a morning routine, share it in the comments below because I know we all love inspiration and ideas, especially me!

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