Stone Soup for Five: {Sermon notes} Advent 2020 part 3

{Sermon notes} Advent 2020 part 3


This past Sunday we continued the series for Advent on The Forgotten Attributes of God. This week was The Courage of God.

The application part on this sermon got me thinking and I wrote down some ideas of things I could do for each area we need courage today.  Those ideas are in the brackets down the left side.

Again, I keep seeing how things in my life boil down to "Wait well, Die better."  I guess that's my theme for 2021.  And it could start with taking dinner over to my newly widowed neighbor tonight and asking if I can read the Bible with her.  No hermiting, and Share the Gospel, and Get Better at Sharing the Gospel by Practice all in one fell swoop.  Pray for boldness!

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