Stone Soup for Five: { January 2019 } Odds and Ends

{ January 2019 } Odds and Ends

  • A friend shared this encouraging story with me about a revival on The Island of Lewis in the late 1940's.  I was so encouraged reading about the grace and POWER of God.  It's a long-ish read, but I hope you'll invest some time to read it.  If you love it, check out some of their other revival accounts.

  • I've also decided to upload a new, free doodle sheet to my subscribers each month in 2019!  A lot of you have mentioned how much you miss the doodle sheets, so these are dedicated to you!  Each month I'll upload a new printable PDF to the Subscriber Bonuses page. (The password is at the bottom of all my emails.)  This month the doodles are from the book of Daniel (lions, a statue, fiery furnace and much more!)  These are the doodles I created for my friend's Interactive Notebook for Kids on the book of Daniel.  If you haven't checked that out, be sure to see it here.  

  • My son and I have started watching a new sermon by Paul Washer on Applying Psalm 1 to Life.  We listen to just 10 minutes a day and I have him narrate back to me what Paul talked about then we pray.  It only takes about 15 minutes out of each school morning, and is so good.


January was the first month to focus on my words of the year, Love Well.  I'm still thinking through what that looks like for friendships, family, my husband, God, work, and teaching a high school class at co-op.  Right now, loving well means praying well for friends and family and students.  Prayer with endurance.  Prayer with perservance.  Prayer that I can't do on my own, or even with a prayer binder, but prayer that requires grace and strength from God.

Also, Oregon in January is the time to get out in the yard (we rarely get snow in the Portland area) and get a head start on all those little weeds, especially the "poppers."  I was reminded again this month how much progress I can make just doing 20ish minutes of weeding a few times a week.  My goal is to fill my 5 gallon bucket each time I go out there.  It can be with pulled up weeds, leaves, pine needles, or deadheading plants.  It goes quick and isn't as overwhelming as spending a Saturday tackling the yard.  Little by little with regularity makes a big difference, in the yard and in life.


  1. Thank you so much Kari for investing in us. You always bring a bright light to my life.

  2. Great ideas! You do so much!


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