Stone Soup for Five: {2019 Week Review} Prayer Works!

{2019 Week Review} Prayer Works!

Week four was a good week and the absolute best part is YOUR PRAYERS WORKED!  I was able to read and tweak and read and tweak some more and get the I Will Meditate Volume 4 book uploaded to Amazon!  THANK YOU SO MUCH!  Prayer absolutely works!  I'll have more information next week on when it will be available for you to purchase and all the exciting details about what is waiting inside!  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for your prayers!

"A farmer may be fully persuaded of his own helplessness to make his fields productive, he may realize that their fertility is dependent upon the sovereign will of God, and he may also be a firm believer in the [effectiveness] of prayer; but unless he discharges his own duty his barns will be empty.  So it is spiritually.
God has not called His people to be drones, nor to maintain an attitude of passiveness.  No, He bids them work, toil, labor.  The sad thing is that so many of them are engaged in the wrong task, or at least, giving most of their attention to that which is incidental, and neglecting that which is essential and fundamental."  -A.W. Pink

I exercised once (!) which is better than nothing.  A friend told me about the 8fit app that she uses and I downloaded the free version to try it out.  It was just a 10 min workout but I was definitely feeling it!  Baby steps, right?

This version of Before the Throne of God.  Beautiful.

In The Gospel Comes with a House Key, the author said that she knits while listening to the Bible.  I tried it this week and love it.  Especially in narrative sections (like the big list of Esau's descendants and Joseph's story).   I've been working on this blanket for over a year now (I only know this one stitch of knitting), but am finally making progress doing about 2 rows each morning!  When that's done, I have my eye on this one.

I'm working behind the scenes on the blog, giving it a fresh new header and updating some pages.  If you haven't checked the resources tab, I have listed all the things I use regularly in my prayer binder and direct links to make it easy to make your own.

This review for the best selling book Girl, Wash your Face was shared with me by a friend.  Though I haven't read the book (and won't) I loved her heart-check questions.  You guys, we have to be very careful and discerning about what we're reading. It's so easy to get into books thoughtlessly and be carried away by strange doctrines (Hebrews 13:9).  Please enter into books carefully.  If I'm unsure about a book, my first course of action is to usually search for it through Tim Challies' website and see if he's done a review.  I also follow him on Goodreads and check reviews there and on Amazon.  P.S. She also reviewed The Gospel Comes with a House Key, and I appreciated her thoughts on Tidying Up.

You guys, I stumbled across this blog when I was searching for information on teaching basic #Adulting skills to young adults (one of my dreams is to run a skills center focused on the Bible and mastering day to day life skills), and this blog is amazing!  Check our her FREE Home Ec Household  and Personal Skills course, her Home Ec Kitchen Course, and her Life Skills course for Guys.  All are available either free or on Amazon.  I love her YouTube channel too.

February will be a special prayer focus on the blog, I'm going to update the prayer binder page to make it super easy to find all the links, posts and videos on my prayer binder (but hop over now if you want to know more!).  I'm also working on a detailed blog post on having a personal prayer retreat and how to pray through an entire day!  What do you want to know about prayer or my prayer binder?  What would help and encourage you the most?

P.S. What do you think of this blog post having just one picture? Is it less interesting? Harder to read? Do you like it more with a photo here and there?


  1. Thanks for the update! I appreciate your link to the review of Girl, Wash Your Face. It feels like it is everywhere and I too have wondered about it. The review confirmed my suspicions. And for your questions about pictures, I actually prefer to read things online streamlined with less pictures to scroll through. I think this post looked good.

  2. Thank you so much for always being there for a true solid encouragement with solid Faith. I started my prayer journal after reading your post a few years and started working in my own, I finally after all this time have it to where I am comfortable with it. Looking forward to reading post next month on prayer.

    1. That is so great you have your prayer binder up and working! I still absolutely love mine! Thanks for letting me know!

  3. I loved the update. I can't wait til February for the prayer focus. I have been offered and after MUCH prayer, God is leading me to do it. I am super excited !!!!! It was going to kick off Feb 6, but since I am in bed with phenomena and have no voice, it is being postponed for a couple of weeks. I believe the enemy has a hand in my being sick.
    Anyway the Study is set to start with prayer. I have been studying, but praying more for wisdom. I believe the most important prayer we will ever pray is the sinners prayer. So this is where I started.
    My daughter, nephew, best friend and 2 of my friends sons are still in prison. They will be staying in prison until they follow God again too. a hard prayer but we love them so much that we want them to be all they can be in Christ !!!!!!
    I will say that prison us hard on the family on the outside too. You go thru countless days of no contact with thyme. It has certainly grown my faith.
    I am ready to start to put together my prayer binder. You have so much help available on that. Thank you again.
    Teresa Blanchett

    1. Keep leaning on Him and praying for His direction. He is faithful. <3

  4. Kari, check out for workouts at different levels with encouraging Scripture and pep talks, too. Also includes menus, recipes, etc. There is a lot available in the free program. A fee program (available at $35/yr. with coupon code through the end of January 2019) is offered, too, and includes a free app. NH

    1. I will definitely check them out too. I just did another 8fit workout this morning, and I'm feeling it in my legs. Thanks!


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