Stone Soup for Five: {2019} Goals -- home, relationships, and habits

{2019} Goals -- home, relationships, and habits

This is the final installment of my goals for 2019.  My spiritual goals are here and my other 2019 goals are here.  This may seem like a lot, but I am feeling hopeful because I have habits I'm building and tools to keep me on track (one of which is to do monthly accountability posts).  I know there will be times I don't do what I had hoped to, but I'm going to give myself lots of grace and not let the exception derail me. 

Plan and Prepare Well

Why?  If I don't plan, life happens to me and I live on default or damage-control.  I want to use my time well, working on goals and planning so I can celebrate special occasions well and add in more fun and less last-minute stress.

  • Use my Bullet Journal throughout 2018 (I now have 5 years of bullet journals!)
  • Experiment with time blocking
  • Continue to use pomodoros to get work things done regularly (This really, really works for me.  I've found a good pomodoro length is 25 minutes of work and 5 minutes of getting up and doing something else.  I use this free Google Chrome extension to help.)
  • Develop a good morning routine and get consistent with it
  • Develop a good evening routine and be consistent with it
  • Have a stash of fun gifts to give when needed (and learn to wrap well)

Maintain and improve our home
Why?  Now that our emergency fund is fully funded (praise God!) we can deal with things that must be done to care for our home.

  • Continue zone cleaning each week
  • Sand down and refinish cabinet doors and drawers in the kitchen (I'm scraping off the paint that did not wear well, and am using this gel stain which is super durable, scrubable, and beautiful!)
  • During winter: work in the yard for 15 minutes a week, as weather allows.
  • Remodel front bathroom
  • Start saving for a new roof
  • Paint living room and dining room 

Improve family and friends relationships

Why?  Relationships are so important in life and I tend to let productivity get in the way.

  • Monthly get together with family
  • Pray consistently for friends and family 
  • Quarterly get together with friends at our house
  • Get away for a weekend with just Corey
  • Fly over to visit with our son in Colorado
  • Mail an encouraging card once a week


In some areas of my life, developing habits is better than making plans and lists and "hope to's."  
So there you have it.  My goals for 2019.  My plan is to update you once a month on how I'm doing and what is working and what is not.  These goals are not set in stone and some may change based on money, time, priorities, but I hope to stick with them and get a little closer to becoming the Future Kari that I keep hoping shows up. (Future Kari is the version of me that has it all pretty much together... she works out regularly, has wonderful times with God, builds up her family, eats well, shares Christ with others, and is uber organized so she can have fun at the drop of a hat.  I'm still waiting for her to show up she isn't moving in without Present Kari getting to work.)

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